Melbourne, Australia has the best-looking bread in the world!  »

How ridiculously good does that sourdough look? And it’s not even from San Francisco, it’s from Iain Banfield of Fruition Bakery in freaking MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA. Hot damn, I’m moving! If you’re anywhere near Melbourne, you’d be a fool (a damn fool!) to not eat all of it.

Here’s a little about Fruition Bakery:

Organic flour, salt, water, and natural sourdough leaven; to many of us that is the definition of “bread,” but there are so few bakeries today that have the skill to make bread with just these base ingredients.

Iain uses a beautiful little two-arm mixer to craft his dough and massage in olives and selected fruits to produce a variety of breads, including focaccia and fruit bread. An Alan Scott wood-fired oven completes the baking process.

Also, read this excellent write-up on them and OMG PLEASE BUY ME A PLANE TICKET. Or, if not, can I at least stay with you once I’m on the run for killing someone to assume their identity/have a ticket to Melbourne? Thanks!

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