Uber delivers kittens to offices in honor of National Cat Day. What do you think?   »


To celebrate National Cat Day (meow!), Uber, the transportation service best known for connecting rich people to high-end transportation, has teamed up with Cheezburger to deliver kittens to people’s offices for 15 minutes for $20 bucks in Seattle, SF, and NYC. They’re calling the campaign ICanHazUberKITTENS, and I feel really conflicted about it!

On one hand, all proceeds of this PR stunt purportedly go to local animal shelters, and as Megan Rascal pointed out to me in an e-mail conversation, kittens do NEED to be held. However, I wonder what kind of message do we send about cats that they are objects to be delivered on command, like any old non-living consumer good?

While Uber does support kitten adoption through its app, how likely is it that 15-minute cat-holding sprees at random offices will lead to any actual adoptions? Does this stunt really promote adoption instead of animals as entertainment? How is it affecting the kittens being used in this service? 

I’m still so conflicted! What do you think?

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