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Guys, I’ve been to heaven and come back to tell you all about it! Spoiler: HEAVEN RULES. And comes in the shape of a kosher ice cream shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn: the Ice Cream House! They sell Klein’s ice cream and have like 20-plus vegan flavors of hard ice cream, chocolate and vanilla soft-serve with more flavors to come, several sorbets, and a sort of soft-serve sorbet. My gracious vegan host Jake gave me a full tour with a ton of samples. He explained that the whole vegan ice cream thing comes from the kosher diet; as he tells me, if you’re kosher and you have meat, you have to wait six hours before eating dairy. So if you have meat for dinner and you want ice cream for dessert, it’s got to be dairy-free. Blammo! Vegan ice cream!

The Ice Cream House is not like super-fancy with crazy exotic flavors like prickly pear and vinegar plaid; it’s just like a regular old place you went to after the movies as a kid. Above you can see all the yummy flavors—ALL of those are certified vegan. On the other side of the shop they have dairy ice cream, but everything is kept totally separate for the kosher rules, scoops and all! Here’s a view from the top:

I tried so many flavors! The mint chocolate chip was good; the pistachio, which I never get, was really good; I had one that tasted like walnuts or something, very good as well—everything was good! It very well may have been the best vegan ice cream I’ve had. It was super-legit. Like birthday party ice cream, know what I mean? Coffee is my favorite ice cream and they had TWO coffee flavors: coffee and coffee royal, with a fudge swirl. They were off the hook! Definitely better than Lula’s cappuccino flavor, because the coffee flavor was stronger. Here’s the two coffees:
Looking good, right? The chocolate soft serve was REALLY good too. And I normally wouldn’t recommend sorbet because we can always get that but they had this lime/raspberry swirl soft-serve sorbet that was delicious, so it might be worth it. OR get the sorbet AND ice cream! You are an adult, you can do whatever you want!

Besides the ice cream, they have a ton of toppings, including all this fresh fruit:
Very pretty, but don’t fill up on fruit, fill up on ice cream!

If you are having a party or just roll like that, they have gallon tubs of most of the vegan flavors in this nice case:

Gallon tubs! Also in this amazing case, there are tons of ice cream novelties and ice cream cakes! Here are some of the dairy-and-egg-free ice cream cakes:

Car cakes! Imagine that for your birthday, eh? Those are like minivans, though, aren’t they? The green one totally is. You could get it for a baby shower. Babies love minivans.

Then they have all these fun ice cream novelties like I mentioned. Little ice cream cups!

You should get those for your kickball team! You’d be so popular. FINALLY. And check out these “razzle ‘n dazzle” peanut butter and ice cream bon bon things they gave me to take home:

They are the chocolate-dipped dopeness. You know I love the peanut butter. And guess what: they gave me this ice cream cake, too!
I know, it’s so hard being me. I haven’t tried the cake yet; I’m going to take it to my brother’s for dinner this weekend because I am so nice to him. I’ll let you know how it goes.

The people there were hella nice! Sometimes I’m scared of religious people but they weren’t scary at all. And it was pretty popping. But mostly: VEGAN ICE CREAM OMG WTF! It’s on Bedford Avenue, a few blocks from the Bedford-Nostrand G stop, so it’s not hard to get to and a definite must-try. If you are having a party, dude, everyone will think you are the man if you roll in with an ice cream cake. So old school. I wonder if they would make an ice cream cake of my face. OMG I just realized how much I need and ice cream cake of my face! I don’t know how I’ve survived this long without one. It’s basically masochism.

They have a shop in Flatbush and one in Boro Hill too, and I haven’t been to those but I will try them out and let you know. The Williamsburg shop is brand new and I think it has the most vegan flavors. Oh and they said you can also follow them on twitter—@kleinsicecream—for coupons and specials. I follow them!

Thanks, Ice Cream House! I love you like I love puppies and butterflies!


Vegan Hello Kitty ice cream cake from The Ice Cream House in Williamsburg! I went there today and tried A TON of vegan ice cream and it was AWESOME with a capital HOT DAMN. Check back tomorrow for a full review and photo bomb! But for now, Hello Kitty cake!

Vegan Hello Kitty ice cream cake from The Ice Cream House in Williamsburg! I went there today and tried A TON of vegan ice cream and it was AWESOME with a capital HOT DAMN. Check back tomorrow for a full review and photo bomb! But for now, Hello Kitty cake!


Maggie Mudd closing: Last day is Sunday, Apr. 3  »

Our worst fears regarding Maggie Mudd's closure have come true* BUT, owner Michael tells us:

[W]e’re not entirely closing MM but transitioning to an online-only cake service, as we have now. We just won’t be keeping the retail shop. We’ll be rolling out a new website in the next several days. All the old vegan options will still be available.

Since MM won’t be entirely going away, there’s a chance it’ll appear on the street again somewhere. The currently location is really not the best, since it’s so far away from one of its core audiences.

I’ve also had some discussions with one vegan restaurant owner in the area about keeping the product flowing to the vegan community.

So, all hope is not lost! There are still cakes! And still the chance they might open in a new location! Keep hope alive! It’s a major bummer that we won’t be able to hike up Cortland for a waffle cone sundae from a surly teenager, but that’s just one more reason to buy many cakes and support the crap out of them so they’ll set up shop in one of the empty storefronts on Valencia. Maybe even where American Apparel was supposed to go? OMG REMEMBER THAT? Fucking Mission.

Anyway, today we mourn. But tomorrow? TOMORROW WE FEAST! For there are many cakes to eat before we are done, and we are not quitters. I will not stop eating ice cream cakes until it fully funds a new location or I’m buried in a piano box.**
Maggie Mudd character cake (LOVE THOSE THINGS) from digiyesica! Hi digiyesica!

*Probably lots of our other worst fears have come true but this is just about ice cream.
**Preferably face-down on top of Bruce Vilanch! Oh the (mostly awful) jokes we’d tell!


Review: Maggie Mudd!  »

One time when I thought I was giving up sweets for Lent, before I realized that because no one holds me to particular religious beliefs anymore, I don’t have to go through the motions of abiding by the behavioral dictates of a particular time of year (sorry, Jesus; I’m done), my boyfriend took me to Maggie Mudd for one last stomach-filling sugar binge, ostensibly to tide me over until Palm Sunday.

During dinner, I had the aforementioned epiphany, leading my boyfriend to note that this was not getting me out of an enormous ice cream sundae. As if I needed to be talked into it. What’s up, gluttony. We ate at a mediocre Italian place up the street (review to come later, mediocre Italian place with a misleading menu), and then walked down the Cortland Street hill a bit to the teeny little nook that is Maggie Mudd’s storefront.

We walked in, and we stared. We stared and stared and stared. Look, I said, Look at all the sundaes they can make vegan! Look at all the varieties of soy- and coconut-milk ice cream! O the anticipation. Nationally available vegan ice cream is generally, well, off. If it doesn’t have a weird soy aftertaste, it’s grainy, or more icy than creamy, or any other of the myriad problems you can have with food imitation. The best soy-cream product I’d had before our venture to Bernal Heights was Tofutti Cuties, and those things are so full of weird chemicals and saturated fats you might as well be eating Kraft Dinner with a bacon spoon.

Right, so, the flavors, they seemed limitless. The sundaes, decadent. I had the Tarmack, a peanut-butter-chocolate-cookie bits concoction with peanut butter and chocolate syrups. I couldn’t finish it, though heaven knows I wanted to. I let my boyfriend slurp up the last melty bits of it and wished I were as bottomless a pit.

Their lemon-poppyseed coconut-milk-based ice cream is perfection in the realm of non-sorbet frozen citrus desserts. They make the (blessedly) vegan waffle cones in front of you so they are hot when you get them and cool and harden in your hand while the ice cream gently melts.

Minus points for the “non-dairy” whipped topping, which seemed suspect. Of course it could have been the gorging that gave me and my boyfriend both upset stomachs, but you never know with dairy. It’s sneaky and totally out to get you. Plus points for the pints being (nearly) as good as the ice cream in-house. Minus points to every grocery store that doesn’t carry it, though I don’t think that’s Maggie Mudd’s fault. Minus points to their in-store packed pints costing an exorbitant $7—is a pint of a commercially unavailable flavor like fresh blueberry worth that much? A million billion plus points for their cakes, which are endlessly customizable, reasonably priced, and quite lovely.

[photo by Friend of Vegansaurus Melisser, the Urban Housewife!]

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