Vegan and Gluten-Free Ice Cream Sandwiches In the SF Bay Area?!  »

Anyone tried Green Girl Bakeshop ice cream sandwiches yet? THE LOOK AMAZING

That’s all the info I have, but I know they were spotted at the El Cerrito Natural Grocery store. 

Wait, it looks like I’ve written about them before, but I still haven’t tried them and they appear to be available in a lot more places now. COME ON WE NEED REPORTS! Ice cream sandwiches for all!!!


It’s hot as all get out, let’s look at vegan ice cream.  »

It’s shoot-me-in-the-face hot in NYC today and I’m not in the mood because I had to work all Memorial Day weekend and my coworkers are being total bros. To cheer me up, let’s stare at vegan ice cream, shall we? Above is chocolate brownie ice cream from the Minimalist Baker. Damn. I could get down with that. 

Now we got some brownie ice cream sandwiches from Keepin’ it Kind:

I’m totally ready to tear these up. Instead I have a meeting in 8 minutes. 

Finally, let’s look at some coconut white Russian ice cream from Quiche a Week:

Ok, let’s all promise to eat vegan ice cream today, alright? We owe it to ourselves!


Scream Sorbet now has ice cream sandwiches!  »

Scream Sorbet, who we love, is now serving vegan ice cream sandwiches! And they are hella tasty GET UP ON THIS. I think they might only be available at their store, but it’s well worth going to a farmers’ market location to check and ask. ALWAYS BE ASKING FOR MORE DELICIOUS VEGAN OPTIONS! Where there’s demand, there’s supply! Or, at least we can hope and dream and ask some more and maybe one day that will be the case! Besides, the worst thing that can happen is that you show up at a farmers’ market and all they have is their DELICIOUS SORBET*. Boo fucking hoo!

*please note, I am not normally a fan of sorbet, the poorest excuse for vegan dessert that’s ever been excused, but Scream Sorbet is different. They have amazing flavors that are rich, creamy, and deliciously divine. Get up in it!


Raw ice cream sandwich challenge!  »

Look what I happened upon: A Dash of Compassion is hosting a raw ice cream sandwich recipe challenge! So fun. It’s just for June but you still have a few days to get down with some ice cream and cookies and bust out some genius! And guess what, there’s totally prizes! And what do we live for if not for prizes. From the blog:

  • First Place winner will receive a Cacao Kapow Kit, which includes: a make-your-own chocolate superfoods kits, a 4 oz. bag of sweet cacao nibs, a cacao lip balm, and an 8 oz. bag of raw, organic cacao powder from Navitas Naturals.
  • Second Place winner will receive a copy of Sweetly Raw's brand new ice cream e-book that will be released this month.
  • Third Place winner will receive a special goodie bag of raw treats.

Awesome! Is anyone going to enter? Has anyone already entered? Put your link in the comments so we can see!

[photos from A Dash of Compassion]

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