Vanilla Ice goes vegetarian!  »

That’s right people, Vanilla Ice has been vegetarian for three whole months and he’s loving it! Homeboy has cholesterol problems and decided to get his diet in shape, with impressive results!: “I tried being vegetarian for three months, and it brought my cholesterol from over 300 to 133 without drugs.” Hot damn! That means nothing to me but seems really good! Maybe if he went vegan, he’d really be ahead in the cholesterol game, seeing as the great majority of cholesterol comes from meat and animal by-products.

Sure, I could post the "Ice Ice Baby" cover by Jedward (who are these clowns?) like everyone else, but the real Vanilla Ice jump-off is a little film called Cool as Ice:

[can’t see the video? watch it on!]

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to call this a national treasure. Who remembers it?!

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