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I just got back from MSF’s vegan night, and I think it’s safe to call it a success. The food was great, every table was filled, and even the meatmouths seemed to be enjoying themselves. Well done, no hard feelings, and let’s make this a monthly affair, okay?

Our table ordered three rounds of vegan burgers on flatbread (with tangy shaved fennel), the broccoli rabe, the roasted tomato stew with artichoke, and the smoky eggplant tostada with caramelized brussels sprouts. I was actually expecting the combo of brussels sprouts and tostada to be fundamentally flawed but it just worked. (They were kind enough to leave off the cilantro, which is not actually a food item and was originally cultivated by the Khmer Rouge as a means of torture—all true, cilantro is just that evil). And the tomato stew with artichoke? I’m artichoke-obsessed but it’s nearly impossible to find them in a restaurant setting without cream or butter involved. So THANKS GUYS.

All in all, I was impressed by the mix of flavors. If you noticed that I avoided everything on the menu that was Asian-inspired, that was indeed on purpose. Between the cult-run restaurants and the old school fake-meat-o-rama places, there’s A LOT of Asian-inspired vegan food out there. I’m much more excited by Mediterranean and European flavors, or really anything that doesn’t involve shiitake mushrooms or seaweed. I understand that I’m crazy and plenty of vegans love Asian food, and MSF gave us a bit of both.

So yeah, well done, the venue is a bit grungy but we’re all about the local flavah, and I’m hoping for a rerun next month. Is it a date? Does this mean we’re dating?

(Pic courtesy of Rajesh! Thanks!)

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