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Welcome to the first edition of the Vegansaurus Diet, featuring reader Scrumptious S! This was inspired by New York Magazine’s Diet series! Thanks for the inspiration, guys!

I eat the kind of diet that makes people’s jaws drop open in disbelief, right before they say, “But what can you eat?” I can’t eat wheat/gluten and I don’t eat animal products. As long as I’m cooking for myself there’s a whole universe of food for me, but heaven forbid I should want to sit in a cafe for more than a few hours, because if hunger strikes when I am out in the world and I don’t want to spend a ton of money, I’m basically screwed.

I subscribe to Capay Farm’s Farm Fresh to You CSA and I write a blog about my CSA adventures (I’ve tried out three different CSAs so far), so a lot of my meals are built around what comes in my CSA box.

Friday, June 4
I’m on this huge breakfast burrito kick, which is basically saving my life because for a while I just could not figure out vegan, gluten-free (GF) breakfast. I use La Tortilla Factory GF teff wraps, and I brown them in a cast-iron pan so they’re all crispy outside like Cancun burritos. Today my burrito had refried beans, a scoop of leftover rice bowl made with black rice and dandelion greens, salsa, half an avocado, and a little Daiya cheddar, which I’m not sure yet if I like or not.

For dinner tonight I had leftover sweet potato and black bean enchiladas with roasted green chile sauce, recipe courtesy of one of the most fantastic GF, mostly vegan blogs ever, Gluten-Free Goddess. I make them with a little stripe of soy cream cheese down the center of each enchilada, and they are incredible.

Saturday, June 5
Breakfast was soft polenta made in the rice cooker, my favorite no-stress, lazy-ass way to make polenta. I added half a mashed avocado, salt, pepper, and a big squeeze of lemon juice. I’ve been eating a ton of avocados lately. I think I’m going to cry when avocado season ends.

Leftovers for lunch. In an attempt to streamline my cooking process, which can sometimes take hours for a single multi-course weeknight meal, I’ve been trying out a new cookbook from the library this week, Vegan Express by Nava Atlas. So lunch was her aloo ghobi with cauliflower and Klamath Pearl potatoes, both from my CSA, and creamy chickpea curry (the creamy is from coconut milk) from another blog I like, Beyond Rice and Tofu. There wasn’t much left of the leftovers, so I also noshed on a chai Bumble Bar to fill in the gaps.

Sunday, June 6
Dinner was another Vegan Express recipe, pasta carbonara with tempeh bacon and baby broccoli from my CSA box. I used Tinkyada brown rice pasta, which is so delicious I actually like it better than wheat pasta. And I made salad, red leaf CSA lettuce with toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Monday, June 7
Leftover pasta carbonara for breakfast. I love leftovers for breakfast. Unfortunately these leftovers put me into a carb coma (I don’t eat pasta very often), so I had to take a nap. A nap! After breakfast!

Amy’s Rice Bowl (brown rice, broccoli, and black-eyed peas) for dinner, topped with a ton of homemade kimchee. I love Amy’s; vegan, gluten-free, under $5 (way under, with a Rainbow coupon), and healthy-tasting. Awesome! The only drawback is I don’t have a microwave so it takes nearly an hour in the toaster oven.

Tuesday, June 8
I tried another new Vegan Express recipe for lunch, with many modifications. I ended up with a delicious concoction of quinoa, bok choy from my CSA, edamame, toasted cashews, and mandarin oranges.

Won the lottery for rush tickets to Wicked tonight! We tried to go to Golden Era for dinner, but of course they’re closed on Tuesday. (I actually knew that, I just didn’t know today was Tuesday. Go, me!) So we went to Pakwan instead and split saag aloo and baingan bharta. Rice for me, naan for the boy.

Thursday, June 10
I had a hectic morning so I threw an Amy’s in the toaster oven, this time Mattar Tofu with peas and dal and rice and stuff. I always sprinkle a bunch of mustard seeds on top of the Indian Amy’s because I’m total a mustard seed-addict.

Tuesday’s quinoa-and-bok-choy concoction is like one of those neverending cornucopias in fairy tales, constantly refilling itself with a new supply. I attempted to make a dent by having a hearty portion for dinner along with more of my beet greens and tofu from earlier. I also made more fudge brownies, but did my best to give them all away because I’m not really eating sugar right now. I do love to bake, though, so I try to surround myself with people who love sweets and then stuff them full of homemade treats for my own pleasure. It makes me feel a little like the witch in “Hansel and Gretel,” but I prefer to think I’m spreading joy. Who doesn’t love brownies?

Would you like to be featured on Vegansaurus? Of course you would! So submit your Vegansaurus Diet already!

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