Issue 2 of Soy Fucker is available! Plus, SF Zine Fest is a-comin’!  »

Hard copies begin shipping out on Tuesday, Aug. 23! Can’t wait? Can’t blame ya. Soft copies are also for sale, and you can read them, like, now.* Only two bones, and it goes to Deep Roots Sanctuary. What are you waiting for?

*depending on your internet speed.

(via soyfucker)

In other zine and comic news, SF Zine Fest is coming up (Labor Day weekend, Sept. 4 and 5!) and lots of awesome veg artists are gonna be there, including Jesse Reklaw (he made this year’s Zine Fest amazing poster too!), Ashley from Fat Bottom Bakery with Barefoot and in the Kitchen, Rick and Eve of Monkey + Seal (seriously BUY THIS!), Minty Lewis from P.S. Comics, Susie Cagle, Jen Oaks (OMG BUY THIS!! Oklahoma Animals FTW!), and our own Jonas Madden-Connor. SO MUCH TALENT!!

OH ALSO, I am making a zine. It is about being fat and it’s called FAT ZINE. It comes with free candy because that’s how fat people do. Susie and Jen are doing sexy fat lady drawings and there might be glitter involved. Lots and lots of glitter. Y’all ready for this?

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