Yo vegans with money: Support two awesome local vegans!  »

First, there’s Laura Miller with San Francisco-based Sidesaddle Kitchen (we love her and her delicious wares). She was selling at the Underground Market but then that shit was shut down by the Feds or whatever and so she’s looking for some help via Kickstarter. If you’re into tasty raw goodness, look into donating, because she’s the real deal and her product knows what’s up! She’s looking to go legit and is crowd-sourcing her funds, so if you want to be swimming in RAW VEGAN THIN MINTS, you’ll get up on that. Plus, her Kickstarter video is super super cute and great and you should watch it and then give her all your money. Sidesaddle’s trying to raise $10,000 and she has until Sunday, Aug. 21 to do it. BAM!

Second there’s Never Felt Better vegan shop in Sacramento raising money on Indie Gogo! They tried a Kickstarter earlier this year and found that maybe the amount they were asking for was a little too much from us poor vegans, so they’re going a new route and trying to raise smaller bits of cash for smaller projects. Smart! They’re currently the only all-vegan store in Northern California and I’m afraid that if we don’t support them, that they won’t make it. And they should, because they are awesome, and providing a great service, and come on, vegans! I know there are some Scrooge McDucks out there swimming around in their piles of money (invite me over! I swim really well in money!) and why not throw a few dollars to these vegan companies, DO IT TO IT. Never Felt Better is trying to raise $2,500 and they have 22 days left. BAM!

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