What are you doing tonight, San Franciscans? Have I got the night out planned for you! Soko, my fave french-indie-rocker-vegan is playing at Bottom of the Hill. Super exciting right? I’ll be there, probably solo, so come on out and we’ll hang! It’ll be like an unofficial vegan drinks, WITH a vegan rock star on stage! I saw Soko at SXSW a couple years ago, she’s the cutest!

(The video I posted is so old, and she probably won’t play it tonight, but it’s the song that got me hooked. What can I say, it’s the story of my life. Dude starts dating a girl from Cannes? I don’t know, it could happen. All I can say is that when I dated my co-worker at the Chicago Diner and he started not being as interested in me as I wanted, I listened to this song a lot. TMI? TOO BAD, that’s what happens when we’re friends. Come to think of it, if you ever bought a baked good from the Chicago Diner, summer of 2007, we were listening to this song while baking/decorating/yearning for air conditioning in that restaurant second story.)


If you don’t know about Soko, well, my friends, get acquainted. Not only is she the cutest Parisian-turned-Californian/actress/lo-fi indie folkster, she’s a vegan blogger! Our so-called vegan life is a collaborative effort between “two vegan musician friends, Aska & Soko, based in L.A. (vegan heaven), sharing vegan tips and insights from all over the world!”

With posts on recipes, what to eat while vegan in Paris, and New York dinners with Kate Nash and Nick Zinner, I challenge you to not spend the rest of your night alone in front of the computer, reading the entire site and listening to Soko’s complete catalog on youtube. (Please don’t let it just be me who does that kind of thing).


I love Mercy for Animals. I volunteered to table for them once while I was living in Chicago. Man, it’s great having bros get in your face about WHY and HOW could you possibly be vegan?! Not to mention being told you “aren’t getting enough protein.” To which I would reply, “Do I LOOK sickly? Do I LOOK malnourished?” The answers were always “no.” Though you cannot see me right now, let me tell you, I am neither of those things.

But this post is about something else entirely! I know with all the videos about the mistreatment of pigs, elephants, cows and monkey-dog rodeos as of late, your weepy eyes and broken hearts CANNOT TAKE MUCH MORE! So I am presenting to you, on behalf of Mercy for Animals, a video about rescued calves! These calves apparently cost only $10 each, as they were of no economic value to E6 Cattle Company in Hart, Texas. We can all buy calves to rescue!**

These four survivors, now known as Roy, Ari, Mercy and Bob, are in recovery, loved and cared for at The Gentle Barn Sanctuary in Santa Clarita, Calif.

*It’s also great tabling for a non-profit vegan company you love, standing up for animals and showing the world what a healthy, happy vegan looks like!
**Totally illegal unless you have a farm, right? ‘Cause I do I a very nice backyard.

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