Please don’t hurt the beef industry’s feelings by suggesting people stop eating animals during a drought!  »

Last week, Heather Moore posted 561 words in North Dakota’s Inforum on the benefits of adopting a vegan diet during a drought. It’s expensive to raise animals for food during a drought, she says; why not just eat the grain products, which are always less expensive to grow?

Naturally, this about broke the heart of BEEF Daily Blog’s Amanda Radke, who cannot believe “that a reporter in the heart of a city that is home to an agricultural college would suggest these things.” Not eating meat? In North Dakota? When you could be cutting out your daily coffee and using that money to pay for pork chops?

Never mind that Moore isn’t a “Fargo, ND, news reporter” but a blogger for PETA Prime, and her piece, “Go vegan during drought,” was posted in Inforum’s Opinions section. ┬áRadke seems to take Moore’s suggestion personally, as though by advocating an animal-free diet she is slapping everyone who’s ever commercially raised an animal for consumption in their weather-beaten, Midwestern faces. Be cool, Amanda! This is one of the least aggressive or obnoxious op-eds I’ve ever read from PETA—it’s downright reasonable and measured in tone. Really, Heather Moore deserves a cookie.

And Amanda Radke could use a big bowl of cucumber soup. It’s as refreshing as a calm discussion about the economic benefits of eating fewer animal products during a drought!

[Photo of “prairie and wheat field fire north of Richardton, N.D.,” by Darla Hueske via Flickr]

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