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Hi everybody, did you hear about this recent PETA UK demo? I’m interested in what you think about it. Details:

PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk caused enough of a scene outside British retailer Fortnum & Mason to make Britons drop their brollies in a colourful protest for PETA UK.

Showing what geese on Fortnum & Mason’s foie gras farms endure, a man bound Ingrid with ropes and pretended to shove a pipe down her throat. The pipe was attached to a funnel packed with grain, and fake blood oozed down her face to represent the mouth and neck wounds that geese sustain when they are gouged by the pipes.

In order to fully replicate how foie gras is produced, Ingrid would have had to be force-fed several times a day for weeks, until her liver had swelled to up to 10 times its normal size, when it would then be sold as a “delicacy.”

Until Fortnum & Mason stops the goose abuse, PETA UK vows not to stop the grotesque protests.


“ Some people may still think it’s OK to burn, shock, poison, starve, drown, and inflict brain damage on animals in laboratories, but polls show that the majority of us don’t. We’ve evolved. We don’t think it’s acceptable to keep monkeys constantly thirsty to make them cooperate in exchange for a sip of juice or to force mice to swim to the point of exhaustion and drowning in order to simulate human depression. Thanks to video footage taken inside laboratories by PETA during undercover investigations, the entire public perception of animal experimentation has changed, and we want a better, more humane bang for our buck. „

Bill Maher on the new release of Ingrid Newkirk’s Free the Animals. Go read the whole thing on HuffPo and tell me what you think. I don’t like a lot of their advertising but PETA has done quite a bit in other arenas. 


Happy International vegan Women’s Day!  »

It’s International Women’s Day! Huzzah! I’m a woman, she’s a woman, wouldn’t you like to be a woman too? You see pals, your friend Megan Rascal was born a feminist. From jumping off the couch in a cape declaring, “Woman Man!” to hanging out at my mom’s all-female socialist print shop, I was living in it from day one. That’s why I am very excited to celebrate International Women’s Day with you! Being a woman and a vegan rules. In lots of other movements, women get pushed to the side! But not in veganism! Basically, we run shit. So let’s talk about some great female vegans!Coretta Scott King: Vegan in the last 10 years of her life, Coretta Scott King carried on her husband’s message of tolerance. She spoke out for civil rights, whether it was against the apartheid or in favor of LGBT equality. Basically, she ruled.

Ellen Degeneres: Ellen is the new American Sweetheart. It’s impossible not to like her. And now that she’s vegan? Please. I’m in love. I remember when Ellen came out on her sitcom, everyone was like, “oh no! Her career is over!” Ha! All those people can suck it now because she’s the biggest thing since Oprah.

Ingrid Newkirk: Say what you will about Peta but it’s a force to be reckoned with. As founder and president, Newkirk is super-active in her organization and one of the most well-known animal activists in the country. Even if you oppose their methods, Peta is quite a success story. They are one of the most efficiently run nonprofits I’ve ever heard of (nonprofits are my people) and have more than 2 million members and supporters.

Carol J Adams: Author of Sexual Politics of Meat, Adams is the ultimate vegan feminist. Basically, Adams knows the Man is keeping us down, whether you are a woman or a chicken.

Breeze Harper: With her blog and book Sistah Vegan, up-and-comer Harper challenges race, feminist and food politics. Dang! That’s a lot of work! And she’s not slowing down—I love the cover of the not-yet-released Sistah Species.

Isa Chandra Moskowitz: Moskowitz is top of the pops when it comes to vegan cookbooks. From NYC punk to best-selling author, Moskowitz typifies the fun, food-enthusiast attitude of the young modern vegan. Plus, her book Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World really did take over the world!

So, who is on your female vegan list? Let’s celebrate some plant-loving women!

[Poster from my mom’s old print shop, Omega Press]


Meet your new ruling class overlords: The Power Vegans  »

Businessweek informs us of an important new trend among CEOs in our ruling class elite: they’re going vegan. Already bored of private jets and trophy wives, these wealthy and powerful men (yes, just men) are looking to veganism to remind the rest of us down here exactly how wealthy and powerful they are. Veganism, you see, is the new status symbol, available only to those who can afford such luxuries with such exotic names like “tofurkey” or “rice and beans.”

Or so Businessweek says. The truth is probably much more mundane than that. If 1 percent of America is vegan, well statistically speaking, that should include 1 percent of CEOs. OK, so Steve Wynn, John Mackey and Biz Stone are vegan, but of that group, Mackey and Stone were vegan before finding their success. So where’s the trend?

If anything, the wealthy business community is going the opposite direction, by riding the Ayn Rand wave that’s been sweeping the (wealthy/white) nation since Day 1 of Obama’s presidency. Fantasizing over “going Galt” is just the gateway drug to social Darwinism, and by extension, dietary Darwinism: the conceit that we must dominate and eat captive animals to prove that humans are always and forever “the fittest.”

I suppose we should be thankful for any positive mainstream media coverage on veganism, but really, it would be great to knock it off with the “men who choose veganism do so for manly masculine reasons, such as power! and strength! and display of riches to attract a suitable mate to bear our male heirs!” message. Whether it’s “hegans” or “power vegans,” all these attempts to rebrand veganism for men (for manly masculine men) just come off as defensive.

Or like we’re over-compensating. Because everyone knows that cooking food and other maternal things, like fussing over cute little animals, is and should always remain the province of women and their ovaries. Never mind that the choice to go vegan is nearly always one of both reason and emotion: “we just don’t have enough land and water to keep eating like this”/”torturing animals in factories is depressing and horrific”— thoughts that are equally available in the healthy brains of both genders.

It’s hard to say what this made-up-the-night-before-deadline trend piece is for, other than to annoy vegan bloggers, delight Ingrid Newkirk, and get Joel Stein paid. No one reads Businessweek after all, unless they’re stuck waiting in a dentist’s office for more than 20 minutes. But if idolizing rich and powerful men is what it takes to peel away a handful of new vegans, then I guess we’ll take it. I’m especially looking forward to my review copy of the Power Vegan Cookbook. It’s amazing what you can whip up if you keep your kitchen pantry stocked with personal chefs and an American Express Centurion Card.


Vodka party at Gracias Madre with fat ducks and fashion kitties in this week’s link-o-rama!  »

Via Pawesome, we’ve learned that United Bamboo’s 2011 cats-in-clothing calendar is available to order right now! How will the other kitties be dressed?

Ms. Unterman of the SF Examiner fell in love with Gracias Madre, and Jun Belen thought No Worries is doing a good job, so far. In the Sacramento Valley, a man shot a duck, and discovered she had eaten herself an extremely engorged liver—foie gras-style, in fact. Real live naturally occurring foie gras, in pintail ducks eating oodles of rice! Neat! Unfortunately it’s just not as delicious as “real” foie gras, so they’ll just have to keep gavaging those geese (until all of those selfish creeps die). Shucks.

Feeling blue? How about some vodka? Barnivore will help you choose the brand, and this magnificent guide will teach you how to drink it properly. Once it gets cold (ha ha global warming, it’ll never dip below 50, right?), let’s have vodka and spicy + salty hors d’œuvres parties. I am particularly looking forward to the part where you “[b]reathe out loudly through your mouth emitting an animal noise.” I mean. Perhaps someone could try this hummus recipe by Nick Kindelsperger of The Paupered Chef? He does make it sound amazing, and not too terribly difficult.

Peta strikes again! Ingrid Newkirk herself has offered to put $10,000 toward Lindsay Lohan’s rehab bill if LiLo will go vegan for the remainder of her rehab, and if she maintains her vegan diet for an entire year, Peta will give her another $10,000. Who feels good about donating to Peta? LiLo hasn’t taken Peta up on Ms. Newkirk’s offer yet, but YOU NEVER KNOW. But it’s not like Peta has any standards for their celebrity spokesmodels, so why not another wearer of fur and leather?

Best part of Friday: The Week in Vegan, by our Laura for SF Weekly!

If you’re at odds and ends this weekend, have a look at the events post! Are there stories you’d like us to cover? Let us know! See you around, pals.


Terrible humans, pandas and puppies, cat cafés, another SF Vegan Bakesale and MORE in today’s link-o-rama!  »

Who’s the cutest puppy in the White House? Is it Bo? Oh yes it is! Yes it is Bo! Bo is the cutest puppy in the whole White House! Yes he is!

First things first: Upcoming events!
The most important event of the weekend: Your SF Vegan Bakesale! Same time, same place as usual—that’s Saturday, Feb. 13 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in front of Ike’s, at 3506 16th St. at Sanchez Street. Follow the official Twitter for up-to-the-minute information, and BE THERE.

Veg Dr. Steve Blake is in the Bay Area, right now! On Saturday, Feb. 13 he’ll give a lecture on Choosing Supplements Wisely at the Institute on Aging in SF. There’ll be a veg potluck for $2 at 6:30 p.m., and the free (!) lecture will begin at 8 p.m. On Thursday, Feb. 18 he’ll speak on Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease at the Smart Life Forum in Palo Alto; he’ll lecture about Healing Medicine on Saturday, Feb. 20 in Pleasanton; and on Making the Journey to a Healthier Diet on Sunday, Feb. 21 in San Mateo. This final event will also include a veg potluck. Check out Dr. Blake’s schedule for specifics!

Meet the angriest vegan in the world! Ingrid Newkirk will make an in-store appearance at the Westfield Centre Aveda on Monday, Feb. 22 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. She will read from The PETA Practical Guide to Animal Rights, which you’ll be able to buy from Aveda right there!

The 2010 sf|noir Wine & Food Event begins Wednesday, Feb. 24 and continues through Sunday, Feb. 28. Participating chefs including Bryant Terry (author of Vegan Soul Kitchen), Michele Wilson of Gussie’s Chicken and Waffles, and Michael Law of the Front Porch. There will be vegan food!

And now, your weekend reading!
Good news: the Humane Society is making vegetarian dog food! Now if your dog has trouble with V-Dog, you have another choice. This food isn’t vegan, because it seems that three micronutrients “may come from animal-based sources,” according to our friends at Pawesome, but it seems like a responsible choice for people for don’t want to feed their dogs murdered, diseased horse. Hazel’s a vegan and she’s the happiest, healthiest dog in the city!

Moby and Miyun Park (of Global Animal Partnership) edited a collection of essays called Gristle! It is about “America’s industrial food system” and it sounds pretty interesting. Granted, contributors include Lauren “I’m a model AND related to those two presidents” Bush, and John “no fat chicks” Mackey, but also Wayne Pacelle, president of HSUS, and we love the hell out of him! We’ll have more on the speaking tour for this book as it develops.

Friend of Vegansaurus’ Paul Shapiro wrote a tidy little article about how the most shocking, obscenely fucked-up practices of the dairy industry aren’t unique incidents but total industry standards. Lay off the dairy, you are contributing to so much suffering.

On the Whole Foods beat, Wal-Mart’s organic, local (because of cost, SHUT UP CAPITALISTS) foods beat all of WF’s organic, local foods in a blind taste-test, except for the chicken, milk, and pomegranates. No problem for vegans! Unaddressed in this article: how Wal-Mart remains The Devil because of its sexism, racism, and exploitation of workers both domestically and internationally. Go fuck yourselves, all of you.

Your Vegansaurus Editor Maria is going to be published! Her essay about hooking up with a terrible “vegansexual” dude will be part of a collection of ladies writing about sex, called Coming and Crying. We are so proud of you, MD!

It is really hard to have animal companions in your apartment in Japan, so for the deprived, there are cat cafés! You can have tea and hang out with a bunch of non-fancy-breed, totally awesome cats and feel better about life for as long as you like (approximately $9 US per hour).

Ooh fancy! Emily Gould makes Alicia Silverstone’s vegan cupcakes with Marissa Meltzer. Also they talk about feminism and Riot Grrrl history, which is extra-awesome.

Remember those dudes on the Australian I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here who were sued by the Australian RSPCA after they killed and ate a rat on the show? Well! The Aussie RSPCA dropped the suit against the rat-killers, and instead sued ITV, the show’s producers, who pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and paid a fine of $3,000 AU on Monday. See, the rat really suffered before it finally died, and the producers didn’t even know if letting the show’s participants murder it was legal.

Oh, PETA. The organization sent a get-well-soon basket to the premier of Newfoundland (abbreviated “N.L.” in the Canadian press, which is very confusing) after his heart surgery on Wednesday, Feb. 10. Apparently he takes Omega-3 supplements made from SEAL OIL, which officially makes him a disgusting human who doesn’t deserve the fancy vegan caviar PETA sent him.

Dear poachers, you are terrible. A baby gorilla caught in one of your traps died this week, despite having been treated by doctors, on a hillside, in the pouring rain.

But I guess life isn’t the absolute worst ever because that homeless gentleman who smush-faced cat was mistakenly “rescued” last week got Samantha back.

Supreme Master is opening another Loving Hut in San Francisco! This one will apparently be in Union Square. You know we have mixed feelings about the particularly wacky branch of the Supreme Master tree that is Loving Hut, but as long as they serve the fried “seafood” plate I’ll be happy.

Actually if you really want to be cheered up, you’ll check out these 15 pictures of pandas frolicking in the snow. Pandas love snow! And frolicking! And being best friends! Huuuugs!!

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