Somewhere in America, a pitbull is popping Viagra  »

Ingrid the pitbull is fucking adorable. She also needs to take Viagra daily to continue living. It sounds totally crazy, but it’s true. Ingrid suffers from serious heart problems and the Viagra, along with a host of other medications, is keeping her blood flowing and is helping to regulate her condition.

Unfortunately, Ingrid’s heart conditions come from the fact that she’s spent most of her life being tied to a fence and used as a bait dog in pitbull fights. According to NBC New York, which broke the story earlier this year, Ingrid had 14 pounds of fluid in her abdomen when she was rescued by shelter workers in Huntington, NY. However, she’s recovered steadily and according to workers at the shelter where she is currently housed, she is doing really well and is cheerful and a delight to be around. Despite being so mistreated, Ingrid likes EVERYONE. WHO AMONG US CAN SAY THAT?

WAIT A SECOND! IN A SHELTER? That’s right! Despite the fact that this fucking dog is so fucking adorable that I want to go to New York and feed her Viagra myself, NO ONE HAS STEPPED UP TO BRING HER HOME AND GIVE HER THE LIFE SHE DESERVES! What’s up with that? Are you in New York? ARE YOU GOING TO GET UP ON THIS? Her nickname is “The Love Bunny!” Look at this video of Ingrid being hello cute.

And now that you understand how awesome she is, here is her adoption page, but FAIR WARNING! SHE IS ALSO DRESSED AS A SEVENTIES PIMP IN THESE PICTURES! HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THAT? Actually, that may be some kind of “California Girls” get-up, but I prefer the ’70s pimp image. It makes me chuckle!


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