Make Dr. Blossom’s vegan sufganiyot for your Hanukkah celebrations!  »

Mayim Bialik shared her vegan sufganiyot recipe with PETA, because they’re pals, and it sounds delicious because when do jelly donuts not sound delicious? When you’re dead, I imagine. Unfortunately, PETA didn’t include a photo of these little treats, so we found a couple of other vegan sufganiyot recipes with gorgeous photos, because what’s a recipe without a picture?

The above is of Season of Karen's baked vegan sufganiyot, a variation on a recipe from Vegan Yum Yum. Below, Inhabitat's vegan and gluten-free version, adapted from a Babycakes recipe.
Which are you making? All three, right? Happy Hanukkah, let’s eat fried dough and potatoes until we pop!


Welcome to the cutest recipe video in the world! This is little Petey Rojas from Inhabitat making vegan pumpkin cupcakes. I think the video speaks for itself but holy cannoli! Talk about cute overload! Can we all have adorable children and make them make vegan cupcake videos? We could take over the world! Because cuteness makes the world go ‘round. 

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