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There’s a new vegetarian restaurant, Source, which according to Inside Scoop SF is opening sometime in March. This is mighty exciting! It’s going to be “multi-dimensional dining” (??) and offers up a menu that’s so broad, it kinda boggles the mind. I mean, they’re serving everything from dosa to pizza to casseroles (???). I am hoping they can pull it off because I want to eat all of those things. At the same time. Seriously, this place looks fairly nuts.

Inside Scoop says:

The “modern, funky”[*] design will follow the New Age vibe as well. There will be 40-50 seats inside, plus another 30 on a heated patio. Air will be filtered and ionized. There will be a 8×10 foot water wall installation.[*] A special sound system will be in place and a light system will help create the mood via color therapy.[*]

Instead of a normal alcohol bar, there will be an iridescent elixir bar*, with things like euphoric elixirs,[*] calming elixirs[*] and energetic elixirs,[*] all served in cocktail glasses,[*] mixed with fresh pressed juices.

COLOR THERAPY. ELIXIRS. Is this a dare?? Bring it, Source!

I will reserve judgement but I think it goes without saying that this could be the greatest crazy place since PeeWee’s Playhouse (or, maybe Straw??).

Fuck it, I’m ready to don my gay apparel and swim in an insane sea of color therapy and filtered air and eat pizza and dosa together so let’s do this.


[Photo via Inside Scoop SF!]

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