Intern at a farm animal sanctuary and vegan CSA!  »

You guys! Want to cuddle calves all day and eat leeks straight from the ground? Then you want to intern at Animal Place. Here are the details:

Interns will be part of a team emphasizing a dynamic exchange of ideas that will improve the productivity and efficiency of the vegan farm. In addition to direct participation with all aspects of the vegan farm, interns will be encouraged to gain knowledge of growing techniques through reading, discussion, volunteering at other local farms, interaction with extension agents, online and offsite presentations and workshops.  Also, interns will work with the landscape around the barns and offices and the landscape of the larger sanctuary to enhance the beauty of the sanctuary, provide habitat for wildlife and improve the lives of the animal residents.

So, apply! And then go hug all pigs and eat all the turnips and be the happiest veganist vegan in all the vegan land!

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