Vegan MoFo: England’s Knickerbocker Glory!  »

We’re back for the second day of INTERNATIONAL WORLDWIDE VEGAN MOFO! It’s back to Jolly Old England for this installment, straight to Pogo Cafe, a vegan anarchist collective that also happens to serve bomb vegan food!

Whilst there, I consumed many tasty treats there but the standout was for sure the Knickerbocker Glory, a hodgepodge (SO BRITISH) of every sweet deliciousness on earth, from custards to ice cream to chocolate sauce to caramel sauce to jam to god fucking knows what else. I love how seriously the British take dessert, it’s V. IMPORTANT. They must eat every sweet thing mixed together and they must eat several tons of it. I also love that they call dessert,”pudding.” It automatically makes me feel like the fat kid I am when I’m all, “I’ll have one giant pudding with extra pudding, please!” There’s something so adorable about it.

This dessert blew my g-d mind; it was absolutely perfect and wonderful (or “brilliant,” as ye chaps and chippees would say, I have no idea what I’m talking about, etc.) in every way. I went straight Augustus Gloop on it, it was disgusting and amazing and maybe even a little sexual? If you’re ever in London, make the trek to Pogo Cafe for the most dynamite dessert of all time!


VeganMoFo: International eats! First up: vegan pâté from England!  »

This VeganMoFo, we’re going to be exploring International Vegan Foods! Very delicious! Muy delicioso! Sehr lecker! Веома укусно! 아주 맛있는! We love VeganMoFo very much, so we’re gonna have a great time and party like it’s VeganMoFo! Which it is, so we’ll just be eating a lot of International flavors for you, GET READY.

So, first up, vegetable pâté from granoVita! I picked up tons of this stuff at a grocery store in Aylesbury, England for 59 pence a container! That’s roughly two million U.S. dollars, but it’s still worth it. Now, I am not having any luck finding it state side, but if you know where to get it, let me know, because we’re already more than half-way done with our cans and I’m already panicking. PANIC ON THE STREETS OF OAKLAND!


McDonald’s to open all-veg restaurants in India! Globalization party!  »

Veg combo from McDonald’s in Jaipur

Turns out McDonald’s, with is half-vegetarian menu in its Indian restaurants, isn’t “capturing the market” on the subcontinent as successfully as the great McDonald’s globalization overlords would like. How do you successfully sell your chemically delicious, primarily cow-based edible food-like items to a country where many citizens eschew cow-based foods, many others abstain from pig-based foods, and many others don’t eat animal flesh at all?

When the McAloo Tikki isn’t enough: the homemade vegan McAloo Tikki.

McDonald’s, in its infinite wisdom, has chosen to open an all-vegetarian restaurant in Amritsar, a Sikh holy city. When it opens “in the middle of next year,” it will be the world’s first meatless McDonald’s, to be followed by the second meatless McDonald’s in Katra Vaishno Devi, near the Hindu holy site of Vaishno Devi. There just aren’t enough Indian citizens eating at McDonald’s, see, and opening restaurants that serve food that conforms to most of the religious and cultural diets observed by Indian people will fix that, for sure.

No word on how much of the menu will be vegan, but we’ll take this. When a major international corporation chooses “less harmful” over “totally and completely harmful and cruel and awful,” we’ll take it. Abolition would be best, but abolition doesn’t sell. What does sell? Fried potatoes. Baby steps won’t help the animals being tortured and killed today, but it will prevent some from being tortured and murdered tomorrow.

Vegansaurus still hates McDonald’s on principle, and of course this move is completely profit-driven. Still, we appreciate them seeing the potential profits in meatless. Congratulations, India; enjoy your chemically delicious meatless menu.

Original story and quotes from Agence France-Presse.

[top photo by Owen Lin via Flickr; vegan McAloo Tikki by k. christensen via Tumblr]

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