For International Vegan MoFo today, let’s checkout this Korean BBQ Tofu dish that looks to be OFF THE CHAIN. Imma need to eat that STAT, okay? It’s a tofu emergency over here, someone call the tofubulance. I don’t know, I’m really, really tired. GOODNIGHT AND GOODBYE!

For International Vegan MoFo today, let’s checkout this Korean BBQ Tofu dish that looks to be OFF THE CHAIN. Imma need to eat that STAT, okay? It’s a tofu emergency over here, someone call the tofubulance. I don’t know, I’m really, really tired. GOODNIGHT AND GOODBYE!


Vegan MoFo: Caponata, for all your eggplant-devouring needs  »

Vegan hero Kittee posted her family’s caponata recipe last month and I have been dying to make it since. Unfortunately it’s been too hot for serious cooking since June, and only in the last couple weeks has it cooled down enough at night to even open the windows. And this week? Another heat wave.

Last weekend, though, I had plenty of time and cooler evenings to do some serious stove work, and I whipped up a big cast-iron pot full of Kittee’s caponata. I have eaten it for lunch every day since Saturday and every day it tastes amazing; you will love it. Thanks, Sicily, for inventing possibly the best way to eat vegetables of questionable textures.


Vegan MoFo: It’s fall, drink yourself some Hefeweizen!  »

Yes, Oktoberfest is a September celebration, but here in Northern California we’re still getting warm days with our rapidly cooling nights. This, I feel, is the perfect time to drink beer. Something bright and crisp, like the fall air, but with enough body (ugh) to make you feel full. Friends, Hefeweizen is that beer. It’s German! It’s fruity! It’s unfiltered and beautiful!

My top vegan German picks are:



And Weihenstephaner!

Because these beers are all made in the traditional German method, they are totally vegan. The only problem I found, thanks to Barnivore, is that Paulaner uses casein in the glue on its bottle labels, which, what? Solution: Buy it in cans, or drink it on tap.

If you want something local in the Hefeweizen style, I highly recommend Sierra Nevada’s Kellerweis. It’s so light and delicately citrusy!

The funny glasses are designed specifically for Hefeweizen beers, and I love them. You can’t really use them for anything else, so having them is like really committing to having a beer. Plus I love the fizzy head; you get a big whiff of yeast (“Hefe” means “yeast” in German) and spice and fruit, and then you have to wait a little bit to drink it.

Hefeweizen! It’s the beer for autumnal vegan drinking.

[Photos, from top, by Feeder Wang, Bernt Rostad, and edwin, via Flickr]


Vegan MoFo: Marmite is England’s gift to the world  »

For today’s Vegan MoFo entry, I want to tell you guys about Marmite, the jarred food of gods. It is like MSG, but good for you, all full of B vitamins and salty, umami punch. I adore it. Seeing photos of it makes me immediately hungry.

Two Decembers ago I made the Great Vegan Conspiracy’s tattie scones with Marmite, but I’m not sure I properly stressed just how crucial Marmite is to both that recipe and my entire life.

Vegans can make gravy with Marmite!

Bread with Marmite!

Art with Marmite!

Add Marmite to your grains-cooking water for superior flavor and health. Put it on toast with vegan butter for a savory snack. Eat it off knifepoint directly from the jar for pure, unadulterated yeasty deliciousness. You can’t go wrong, unless you don’t like it, in which case, out of my kitchen.

[Photos, from top: Martin Weller, chotda, Caro Wallis, RHiNO NEAL, all via Flickr]


Bay Area: Koja Kitchen’s MUST EAT Teriyaki Zen with Pineapple!  »

Koja Kitchen, a San Francisco-based food truck, dishes up plenty of meat-mouth entrees, but they really shine in the veg department. (I’ve heard this from vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike, so put that in your pipe and choke on it!)

Their “Teriyaki Zen with Pineapple” is maybe the best thing I’ve eaten all month. That is saying a lot as I’m nearly constantly eating as evidenced by the fact that I am typing this with one hand while eating a hot dog. When people say that they are typing with one hand, it is usually an allusion to jerking it. But not me, I am always talking about eating, ALWAYS.

Koja Kitchen’s Teriyaki Zen with Pineapple’s homemade patty consists of portobellos, soy, and spices all mashed up and mixed into MEATY PERFECTION. It’s then topped with a caramelized pineapple slice, Japanese seasoned romaine lettuce, teriyaki sauce, and served in TOASTED RICE BUNS. The buns are made of rice! It’s sorta like a giant amazing sushi roll IT IS THE VERY BEST. I really can’t stress enough how good this is and you must check their weekly schedule and go eat one immediately. Or three. Three is probably a fair amount and I mean that seriously and with all of my little piggy heart.


EVERYONE: try Alive & Healing’s amazing new tempeh!   »

You know how when you first go vegan you’re totally not into tempeh? It’s like, “WHAT’S THAT SMELL YO?” But then you start being all, “mmm what’s that smell YO BREAK ME OFF A PIECE OF THAT!” Something like that. That was my journey to tempeh lover, I’m obsessed with it now but it took me a good five years as a vegan to be into it and now I’m like, “WTF IS WRONG WITH ME?” I realize it’s that I was brainwashed by my SAD to not think that fresh food tastes delicious and I was an idiot listening to my creepy old brain! Be smart, eat tempeh. I think maybe I also just had some shitty tempeh in my life, like stuff that wasn’t steamed or had been sitting alone in the bulk bins too long, you know? Or a well-meaning friend made me a plain slab of tempeh as an alternative to their meaty entrees. So many mistakes were made.

At its best, tempeh is nutty, meaty, and hella tasty — and Alive & Healing, a new company out of Northern California, knows it. THEIR TEMPEH IS AMAZING. So good, not at all funky tunky (you know what I’m talking about with that tempeh smell!), and just absolutely scrumptious. SCRUMPTIOUS!

I made quite a few things with the insane amounts I purchased, including the tasty sandwich below and MY FAVORITE TEMPEH RECIPE OF ALL TIME, DEBBIE’S TEMPEH. It’s available exclusively in Lisa Jervis’ Cook Food cookbook, which I find to be a kitchen imperative. I adapted the recipe and my version is tasty but not nearly as stellar as the one in the book. If you’re looking for a good cooking basics book that has staple recipes to use and remix for years, Cook Food has your back. Anyway, here’s the pics of some of the yummy things I eat it is great to be me:

I also made a lentil soup with tempeh crumbles, a slow cooker Shepherd’s Pie, and I don’t remember what else — mainly just hella delicious stuff. Alive & Healing is available at lots of S.F. Bay Area stores (and expanding!), you can have it shipped to you (er, or wait, this might only be available in the S.F. Bay Area? I can’t tell for sure!) if you’re outside of the SF Bay Area or you’re very lazy, and they have a Tempeh Club! Which, as soon as I figure out what it is, I’m joining. I think it’s just bulk tempeh delivered to your mouth I’LL TAKE IT. If you’re ready to become a tempeh lover, today is the day, this high-protein tastiness is meant for you and so GIVE IN to tempeh and finally let two become one EW SORRY.

(I’m also counting this as my International Vegan MoFo for the day because tempeh is hella Indonesian THE MORE YOU KNOW. )


Product review: Korean radish kimchi by Sinto Gourmet!  »

This is the second combination product review and International Vegan MoFo entry starring local vegan kimchi!

As I said yesterdaySinto Gourmet makes three kinds of kimchi, which I sampled at the Eat Real Fest in Oakland last month. Because they are all amazing and I am not insane, I bought giant jars of the spicy napa cabbage and the spicy radish varieties on the spot.

This is a bowl of spicy radish. It is even spicier than the napa cabbage, and crunchier, because it’s mostly radish rather than thinner, leafier napa cabbage. It will still stink up your kitchen (or wherever you eat it) with its glorious aroma, and it burns all the way from lips to tum. But don’t worry, the fermentation is good for your gut, and makes the jar last forever in the fridge.

Sinto is a local company, and all their kimchi products are vegan and gluten-free (as opposed to traditional kimchi, which is often made with shrimp or fish sauce).

If you love spicy, crunchy, slightly stinky things, I strongly suggest you buy some Sinto Gourmet kimchi.


Product review: Korean napa cabbage kimchi by Sinto Gourmet!  »

This is a combination product review and International Vegan MoFo entry: local vegan kimchi! And it is tremendous!

Kimchi, my friends, is a delicious, traditional Korean dish made with spicy red pepper and vegetables, and fermented until perfection.

Sinto Gourmet makes three kinds of kimchi, which they were all sampling at last month’s Eat Real Fest in Oakland. When I saw it, I flipped, tried all the samples, and immediately bought giant jars of the spicy napa cabbage and the spicy radish varieties.

This is spicy napa cabbage. Flavorful and crunchy, with lots of heat, it stinks up the kitchen, it burns in your tummy, and the fermentation is good for your gut. Sinto’s kimchi is vegan and gluten-free, which is great, because often kimchi is made with shrimp or fish sauce.

Even better, Sinto is a local company. Chef HyunJoo has lived in San Francisco since 2007, and operated Sinto Gourmet with her husband since 2010. Tune in tomorrow for my review of the radish kimchi (hint: SO GOOD).

I have loved kimchi since I could chew food, and I’ve really missed eating it. Now we can all buy it locally and eat it forever, which I will, because it doesn’t go bad no matter how long you keep it open. You’ll eat it fast, though, because it’s goddamn delicious.


Vegan MoFo: England’s Knickerbocker Glory!  »

We’re back for the second day of INTERNATIONAL WORLDWIDE VEGAN MOFO! It’s back to Jolly Old England for this installment, straight to Pogo Cafe, a vegan anarchist collective that also happens to serve bomb vegan food!

Whilst there, I consumed many tasty treats there but the standout was for sure the Knickerbocker Glory, a hodgepodge (SO BRITISH) of every sweet deliciousness on earth, from custards to ice cream to chocolate sauce to caramel sauce to jam to god fucking knows what else. I love how seriously the British take dessert, it’s V. IMPORTANT. They must eat every sweet thing mixed together and they must eat several tons of it. I also love that they call dessert,”pudding.” It automatically makes me feel like the fat kid I am when I’m all, “I’ll have one giant pudding with extra pudding, please!” There’s something so adorable about it.

This dessert blew my g-d mind; it was absolutely perfect and wonderful (or “brilliant,” as ye chaps and chippees would say, I have no idea what I’m talking about, etc.) in every way. I went straight Augustus Gloop on it, it was disgusting and amazing and maybe even a little sexual? If you’re ever in London, make the trek to Pogo Cafe for the most dynamite dessert of all time!


VeganMoFo: International eats! First up: vegan pâté from England!  »

This VeganMoFo, we’re going to be exploring International Vegan Foods! Very delicious! Muy delicioso! Sehr lecker! Веома укусно! 아주 맛있는! We love VeganMoFo very much, so we’re gonna have a great time and party like it’s VeganMoFo! Which it is, so we’ll just be eating a lot of International flavors for you, GET READY.

So, first up, vegetable pâté from granoVita! I picked up tons of this stuff at a grocery store in Aylesbury, England for 59 pence a container! That’s roughly two million U.S. dollars, but it’s still worth it. Now, I am not having any luck finding it state side, but if you know where to get it, let me know, because we’re already more than half-way done with our cans and I’m already panicking. PANIC ON THE STREETS OF OAKLAND!

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