Prince Charles and Camilla adopt a dog!  »

Say what you will about Camilla*, but girlfriend is a pal to animals! According to CNN,

Last fall, Camilla opened [Battersea Dogs and Cats Home]’s new cattery, and mentioned to staff that she’d love another Jack Russell since her beloved Freddy had died. (Freddy was such a part of the family that Camilla’s son Tom named his own child after the dog!)

When a Jack Russell was left at the shelter, the staff emailed photos to the Duchess.

“I just couldn’t resist her, she is gorgeous,” Camilla told Britain’s Daily Mail of seeing the pup’s pictures. “It is so exciting. I can’t wait for her to meet the family.

First off, A CATTERY!! And secondly, her son named his kid after a dog! My kinda family! Because don’t think for a minute that if I ever make the mistake of bringing a child into this godforsaken world that it won’t be named Hazel. And finally, awww! The British royal family knows to rescue! Which makes them better than our royal family, what with the accepting of gifts of dogs bred for sale and complete inability to successfully govern and shit. GET IT TOGETHER, OBAMA! Jesus.

Here is a picture of a Jack Russell that is not Camilla’s Jack Russell, but they all look kinda the same, which is to say: CRAZY. This guy is named Russell (creative!) and he’s up for adoption at the Oakland Animal Shelter! Adopt his adorable ass, why don’t you!

*Man, she had it rough for awhile. British gossips be gossiping! But you know what? They need to recognize that she did not break up Charles and Diana (RIP)—he was ALWAYS gonna be with Camilla! I mean, I was like four years old when all that shit went down and even I knew that!

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