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Horrifying. This is a performing macaque on the streets of Indonesia. And check out this crazy photo gallery in the Denver Post. I saw that and I was like, HOLY. CRAP. Those pictures are frightening! I looked into it and it turns out that the Mirror also did an exposé on this phenomenon earlier this month. And then here’s a Boing Boing photo gallery from April. But the Denver Post one is the scariest! Not bloody or anything, just freaky. The doll heads. THE DOLL HEADS.

A group in Jakarta is working to end the torture of these monkeys. From Jarkarta Animal Aid Network:

Topeng Monyet, or dancing monkeys, is a particularly cruel practice where juvenile macaques are forced to perform (dance, ride bicycles, wear masks) in the crowded and busy streets of Jakarta. An illegal trade in wild macaques that are captured from the wild has built up around the phenomena known as Topeng Monyet.

JAAN provided the Mirror with photos and info in an effort to raise awareness about this awful practice. According to the various articles, endangered macaques are illegally taken from the forest as babies, sold on the streets of Indonesia, and tortured into performing for their whole lives. They are forced to walk upright, which they learn by being chained by the neck so that they have to stand. Fucked. Up.

There is a petition to stop this practice, which you can sign here. I’m not sure what else to do besides signing this petition but I believe international attention can make a difference! So let’s get people to sign this! You can also donate to JAAN here.

[Photo from the Mirror]

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