#NEWSFAIL: Vegan authors take on the media! Plus, meet Jamie Kilstein & Allison Kilkenny in Brooklyn on Tuesday!  »


Remember that time I interviewed comedian Jamie Kilstein and told you all to go see him at UCB in Los Angeles (you seriously missed out if you didn’t go, btw!)?! Well, during said interview Jamie told me that he, and his also awesomely funny and vegan wife, Allison Kilkenny, had written a book that was coming out this fall. And you guessed it, IT’S ALMOST OUT!!! 

Newsfail: Climate Change, Feminism, Gun Control, and Other Fun Stuff We Talk About Because Nobody Else Will addresses all kinds of issues the world faces today but also includes a whole chapter on veganism. I was fortunate enough to get a copy of this piece of (very informative) comedic gold, and let me be the first to tell you, I for reals LOL’d. Jamie and Allison have perfected the balance of presenting cringeworthy facts about eating non-human animals, with poking fun at how people stereotype and hate on vegans. They also shares a recipe for “Jamie’s Vegan Better-Than-Stupid-Pad-Thai Pad Thai.” Basically, it’s a #lifefail if you don’t buy their book!

#NEWSFAIL will officially be released on October 14th, but you can pre-order a copy NOW! Help put an awesome book promoting veganism on “The Charts!” 

But wait, there’s more! People of NYC (and the large suburban outlying areas surrounding it), you have the GLORIOUS opportunity on October 14th to MEET JAMIE & ALLISON (and buy a copy of #NEWSFAIL), at The Powerhouse Arena,in the hip land of Brooklyn. Don’t even ponder it, JUST GO (and RSVP here)!



LA: Jamie Kilstein at Upright Citizen’s Brigade THIS FRIDAY!   »


It took me forever to decide between using this photo or a YouTube of him feeding his cats. Photo courtesy of

I had the pleasure of talking to Jamie Kilstein on the phone last week and not only is he hella hilarious (and vegan and tells vegan jokes), he’s like one of the most down-to-earth dudes EVER. He also fully admitted that he’s obsessed with Locali’s ”Bad Ass Breakfast Sandwich,” and eats them 3 at a time when he’s in town—we’re like besties already!

If you’re anywhere close to LA, come see him this Friday (March 14th) at UCB for his “No War, No God, No Nickelback” show!! It’s sure to be the best $5 you’ve ever spent, y’all. PLUS, I saw on The Oaks Gourmet sign (2 doors down from UCB) that they now carry vegan Van Leeuwan artisan ice cream! If this isn’t a recipe for a meet up, I don’t know what is!!!! 

Maybe you saw Megan Rascal’s post last summer with one of his vegan bits (wait, did that sound weird to you too?)? This dude is legit funny. His comedy is political, and he talks about  feminism, LBGT rights, veganism, atheism, hating Nickelback… all the good pinko, commie stuff. 

He co-hosts the podcast Citizen Radio with Allison Kilkenny and said he’s received thousands of emails from people saying they’ve gone vegan after hearing him talk about it on their show. Woot!! Clickity-click here to listen to some of the vegans they’ve interviewed. BONUS, he and Allison have a book coming out next fall with an entire chapter devoted to veganism! I will post more info when I get it. 

His favorite vegan spot in NYC (where he lives) is Blossom, where he likes to take his parents (um, how adorable is that!?). He also takes his omni friends there (and pays), as a sneak attack to show them how awesome vegan food is! 

When he told me he hangs out with more “fighters and journalists,” than comedians, I didn’t know what he meant by “fighters” (because, apparently, I fail at thoroughly researching a person before interviewing them). Jamie, um, “plays” jujutsu (what the heck do you call a person who does mixed martial arts?), and is pretty bad ass at it! This seriously influences what he eats (although he clearly makes exceptions for multiple Badass Breakfast Sandwiches when in LA), and he trains TWICE A DAY (which I cannot compute). 

For my hardest hitting vegan news question (tacos vs. burritos?) he said he appreciates how efficient a burrito is, but prefers tacos (which sealed the deal on us being BFFs).

Basically, this guy rules super hard and if you’re in LA it would be straight up silly to miss his show! Check his tour schedule to see when he’s doing a show near you (if you’re not in LA, which is also silly), and follow him on Twitter


My homie Brian Liu sent this to me and boy was I delighted! Usually he sends me gross stuff. I see this is an old video of Jamie Kilstein’s standup but it’s new to me so I thought you guys may have missed it as well. But maybe you didn’t because you’re always on top of everything! In which case screw you and can you do my laundry please?!

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