Jay’s Cheesesteak now has vegan mayo, thanks to Vegansaurus’ friends!  »

Hey All. Good morning, etc. ENOUGH WITH THE PLEASANTRIES. So, last Thursday, some friends and I were dining at Jay’s in the mission and one of us (possibly a member of the VegNews team) inquired about vegan mayo. The guy working was like, “Uh, okay?” and we were all like, “yeah, never gonna see that.” AND THEN, like five minutes later, he disappears across the street and returns with a jar of Vegenaise and is like, “we got it now!”. BAM! Activism in action, you ask and ye shall receive, power to the people, etc!

Sorry, shoulda reported on it when I happened because now Mission Mission thinks they scooped us but they did not. WE WERE THE ONES WHO GOT THAT THERE SO STOP ACTING ALL SUPERIOR TO US WHEN WE ARE THE ONES WHO ARE SUPERIOR TO YOU GOD. Oh also, if you bring in vegan cheese they’ll make it with vegan cheese and the more we ask for vegan cheese, the more likely they’ll carry it. You haven’t lived (a life worth living) until you’ve had the pizza cheesesteak with Daiya. Truth. The point is, Jay’s rules so bring them the business TODAY!


Jay’s Cheesesteak considering carrying vegan cheese!  »

And they (according to our VERY SECRET PLEASE DO NOT ASK sources) want/need encouragement. Or just, you know, want to know that vegans will actually be psyched and into it. WILL YOU BE??? Can you imagine the pizza cheesesteak with some Daiya up on that bitch? Yeah, you can.


Mission location: (415) 285-5200

Western Addition location: (415) 771-5104

SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET. That’s not me. That’s Clay Davis. Actually, I’m totally stealing it.


Review: Jay’s Cheesesteak!  »


Now, down to business.

Back in the day when food was not repulsive to me—it feels like I can’t remember such a time*—I used to love the seitan cheesesteak sandwich, minus the cheese and mayo, with extra extra onions, from Jay’s Cheesesteak. It is the perfect sandwich and vegan! Yay! If you are feeling extravagant, you can have them make any of their cheesesteaks vegan. You can choose from tomato and pepper, mushroom, pizza, teriyaki, and more. The pizza cheesesteak is especially super-fantastic, all marinara-sauced deliciousness and shit. Go on with your bad self, pizza cheesesteak.

I like their garlic fries too, they are big and fat and super greasy. Even if you are a fat pig and think you can eat more than anyone ever, still get the small. Trust.

One gripe: These fools recently started charging 50 cents extra for the seitan cheesesteaks. WRONG! And before anyone is like, “Well, Laura, seitan is probably more expensive than government-subsidized ground chuck,” I will tell you this: JAY’S CHEESESTEAK USES NIMAN RANCH DEAD COW. Niman Ranch is the poster boy for “humanely” raised, grass-fed, sustainably farmed, Michael Pollan Richy-Rich-style beef. You ain’t at Food 4 Less anymore, Dorothy. This shiz is $$$$$. And I, for one, am so sick of paying extra for food that COSTS LESS. I’m looking at you, soy milk at Starbucks. Oh also, no vegan cheese. Boo.

A few logisticalities: There are two Jay’s Cheesesteak locations, one in the Mission on 21st Street near Valencia, and one in the Western Addition on Divisadero. Both locations are open 7 days a week from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. They are both in good bar neighborhoods, which is excellent because they are ideal drinking food. Very limited seating, so see previous sentence about going to a bar.

*About 10 hours ago. I have mild congestion/am dying.

[photos via yelp]

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