Dude, Janet Jackson is (almost? or is?) vegan!? And she loves eating at vegan restaurants! I had no idea! Ms. Jackson’s (‘cause I’m nasty!) music has gotten me through many rough times, namely middle school through present day. Anyway, she was on Jay “I am your grandfather but worse because we’re not related and I have a fucking tv show” Leno last night talking about all her favorite vegan restaurants, she loves Vegan Glory (she loves the tacos and chicken nuggets!) in Los Angeles and Red Bamboo (she loves the chicken parmesan!) in New York City. She is so very adorable and Jay Leno is THE WORST OMG GRANDPA GET OFF THE AIR.

Now, please excuse me while I go listen to "If" a million times. OMG, let’s totally talk about favorite Janet songs now. What’s yours!? There was a point in middle school when I dressed all in black and ran around my house acting out the entire Rhythm Nation album. There was definitely some moves during “Black Cat” that were not PG-13 and I think I might have dry-humped a couch at one point? My parents must have been entirely checked out for the majority of my childhood because how was I not institutionalized!? 

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