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There’s been a lot of debate recently in New York City about horse-drawn carriages, since one poor horse, Charlie, collapsed and died in the middle of the street. Now that the results of the necropsy are in, concerns are as high as ever: “The gross necropsy report indicates that Charlie was not a healthy horse and was likely suffering from pain due to pronounced chronic ulceration of the stomach and a fractured tooth,” reports the ASPCA. So this wasn’t just a freak accident—this horse was ill, despite Bloomberg’s insistance that the horses are “well taken care of.”

This is a tragedy but it seems to have brought the absurdity of the horse-drawn carriage industry to light. Horses should not be living in New York City, trotting alongside cars day and night. That’s nuts. That’s not the only issue, however. The Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages outlines the many reasons this industry sucks. Like where do these horses sleep at night? Surprise: it’s not Dream Valley. It’s a stuffy, fire-trap of a warehouse.

The attention Charlie has been getting has also brought attention to Intro 86, an initiative that would replace horse carriages with eco-friendly, vintage-replica cars like the model below:

Now I think that is a great idea! And the current carriage drivers would get first dibs on the jobs driving the pretty cars. Come on, this car is so much cuter than a horse-drawn carriage! And it still has all the nostalgia. 

Not everyone supports Intro 86. If you feel like reading something ridiculous and infuriating on the matter, look no further than Treehugger. Jaymi Heimbuch wrote the most absurd piece on the subject for them, saying one dead horse shouldn’t end the industry. Heartwarming. While she claims she’s “always on the side of horses” she also draws the genius conclusion that “it’d be a real bummer if city kids couldn’t see animals like horses while walking in the park.” Yeah, poor city kids. They wouldn’t get to witness horse abuse as a normal part of culture! I don’t even want to think about what that might do to their developing minds. I have what I feel is an even more genius conclusion, though: How about we send a message of compassion to city kids! I know, I’m out of control. 

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