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Intermix is a fancypants line of boutique that carries fancypants fashions, including clothing with fur. Grody. Jessica Schlueter and Amy Rebecca of Fur Free Los Angeles are coordinating a campaign to get Intermix to stop carrying fur.

These ladies are talented! They’ve already run three successful campaigns to get Planet Blue, Urban Outfitters, and LF Stores to stop selling fur, which is amazing. So far, their petition at has over 33,000 signatures, but Intermix is still totally ignoring them. Moreover, it’s New York Fashion Week, when buyers decide on the clothing their stores will carry in the coming fall/winter season. Intermix needs to commit to stop selling fur ASAP.

You can help by (duh) signing the petition. If Intermix considers how many customers the company will lose by continuing to sell fur clothing — as opposed to the massive amount of goodwill dropping fur inspires — maybe this fall/winter season at Intermix stores will look a lot more animal-friendly.

So come on already, sign the petition! And nag all your friends and relations and colleagues and acquaintances to sign it, too! Fur really is the goddamn worst.

For more information, read this article on the Intermix campaign, check out the campaign on Facebook, or visit the Fur Free LA website.

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