Run Google’s vegan Slice Café in Mountain View! Then hire me!  »

Are you unemployed? Do you hate your current job? Do you have restaurant experience? Are you good at managing people?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we might have found the job for you! The Google headquarters in Mountain View is looking for a very special person (you?) to run their vegan cafe, Slice, in the company cafeteria.

It’s a small cafe, with breakfast and lunch.

Breakfast is juices and one big pot of porridge (millet or teff or amaranth, etc).

Lunch is one plated item and several grab’n go items.

This person will oversee daily operations, menu-planning, and staff of 6 people.

And, they want to bring in more raw food.

It looks like this menu definitely needs some livening up! I also can’t help but notice working at Google looks like a attending a regular college campus. So many perks! Plus, there’s a free shuttle from S.F. and the East Bay to and from Mountain View for the employees.

Send your resume to Elizabeth Schindler, or call (408) 230.8255.

P.S. I’m a vegan pastry chef with knowledge of raw foods! Get this job, then hire me to help you. Done and done. Thanks.

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