Just when I decide that humans are the worst and there is no reason to go on anymore (I take public transit on the daily, yo) I stumble across this video* and subsequent article. John Byrne, a homeless man in Ireland, dived into the river Liffey to save his pet rabbit, Barney! Barney ended up in the river, as some grotesque teenage passerby threw him off a bridge. Byrne said he would do it all over again—he explains that both Barney and his pet dog, Lilly, are his babies.

Now Barney is alive and safe, and Byrne will be presented with an award from the Animal Rights Action Network AND has had a full time job offered to him from the owner of animal farm in Tipperary! As for the 18-year-old who flung Barney into the river—he will appear in court on July 21 to face a charge of cruelty to animals.

*This video might be a little cheesy, but I totally cried my eyes out watching it. I liked it better than all the vids of people watching Byrne cling to the side of the bridge with Barney, waiting for the emergency rescue crew.

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