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You guys, I love gingerbread. I love it more than chocolate, even. (Less than lemon or peanut butter, though I’m not a monster.) Partly because it reminds me of childhood baking with my ma, partly because it reminds me of the best technically religious holiday of the year, CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS HOORAY, and partly because it is delicious and people who don’t like it worry me, on principle.

Have you made gingerbread yet this season? I am eating a gingerbread tyrannosaurus while typing this post! It’s delicious! I’d show you a photo, but it’s tragically ugly and I’m ashamed. I used our friend/super-famous vegan genius Isa’s recipe that she wrote three years ago!

If you haven’t made your own gingerbread cookies, get on it. Or better yet, houses! I made gingerbread houses seven years ago with three adorable children, and it was so fun. Our Megan Rascal made vegan gingerbread houses with her family two years ago, remember how awesome they looked?

Last year we saw gingerbread Daleks from Johnson Cameraface! Super-geeky, super-awesome!

Last year we also saw these crazy raw, gluten-free gingerbread people from d.i. wine and dine!

Finally, VegNews just posted this recipe for gingerbread from Ben Adams of Sticky Fingers Bakery!

So many options for gingerbread! Which are you going to make? May I suggest ALL OF THEM? It’s gingerbread time, everyone! Merry happy!

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