Celebrities invade SF, eat at vegan restaurants!*  »

Josh Radner of How I Met Your Mother eats at Cafe Gratitude when he’s in San Francisco! He’s friends with the owners, Matthew and Terces Engelhart. Of the restaurants (SF, Berkeley, Cupertino, Oakland, Healdsburg and now L.A.) he says, “They’re fantastic. They’re vegan. You just feel a vibe of love and goodness when you walk in.” OMG Josh Radner is a hippie! Who knew?

I always miss the celebrities eating at Cafe Gratitude! I’ve heard rumors of Jake Gyllenhal and Thom Yorke at CG, Alanis Morrisette at Gracias Madre.

In other news, Cafe Gratitude has lowered their prices! And added new menu items!  Plus, you always know you are drinking organic, vegan beer and wine there—no checking Barnivore required. Although, one aspect I’ve noticed about the new menu I’m not pleased about is that they have taken off the cocktails. WHAT?! I loved their greyhound—sake and fresh grapefruit juice? YESPLEASETHANKS. I have a pretty high tolerance and after two I started hitting on the bartenders/servers. Which means two things: their drinks were strong and I am a flirty/sleazy drunk.

Bring back the greyhound, Cafe Gratitude! Tell me my eyes are deceiving me! Yeah, and the raw deep dish pizza looks amazing.

*Celebrities sell papers, people!!

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