Product Review: Judyfood spinach-pecan dip!  »

Found Judyfood’s spinach-pecan dip at my local hippy store, Back to the Land, and I must say: scrumptious! I definitely get a bit jealous at all the holiday parties with their “dip.” Everyone is always like chowing down on their french onion dip and then they’re like, “hey! We got hummus for you Megan Rascal!” OMG I’m so over hummus. OK not really, but it’s not the same as the various spreads the omnis are always serving with veggies and chips. This stuff definitely satisfies that savory dip craving! It even has a little bite to it. I had it just with some baguette.

It’s only available on the East Coast at the moment, though. If you are in the area, I say definitely pick some up for your next party!

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