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Yes, Oktoberfest is a September celebration, but here in Northern California we’re still getting warm days with our rapidly cooling nights. This, I feel, is the perfect time to drink beer. Something bright and crisp, like the fall air, but with enough body (ugh) to make you feel full. Friends, Hefeweizen is that beer. It’s German! It’s fruity! It’s unfiltered and beautiful!

My top vegan German picks are:



And Weihenstephaner!

Because these beers are all made in the traditional German method, they are totally vegan. The only problem I found, thanks to Barnivore, is that Paulaner uses casein in the glue on its bottle labels, which, what? Solution: Buy it in cans, or drink it on tap.

If you want something local in the Hefeweizen style, I highly recommend Sierra Nevada’s Kellerweis. It’s so light and delicately citrusy!

The funny glasses are designed specifically for Hefeweizen beers, and I love them. You can’t really use them for anything else, so having them is like really committing to having a beer. Plus I love the fizzy head; you get a big whiff of yeast (“Hefe” means “yeast” in German) and spice and fruit, and then you have to wait a little bit to drink it.

Hefeweizen! It’s the beer for autumnal vegan drinking.

[Photos, from top, by Feeder Wang, Bernt Rostad, and edwin, via Flickr]

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