Boy meets girl, girl turns out to be a vegan hipster. I’m actually not a fan of making fun of hipsters, mostly because it seems like a sport in which only hipsters indulge. It’s like that Stuff White People Like blog: Only white people care so much about stuff white people like. Like, why don’t you go jerk off in front of the mirror. 

What I do like though is how famous vegans are. We are the THE go-to minority now when you want an example of someone totally crazy! “Like, VEGAN-crazy!” Every TV show I watch mentions vegans now. Like in that new show with Christina Applegate (she fucking rules, BTdubs) [Ed.: I object! She was amazing as Kelly Bundy and I’ll give you Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead but other than that: NOPE. I’d say more but I’d definitely be extremely offensive and unpleasant and also make some stupid easy joke about how blondes are blonde.- Laura] [Megan note: sorry dude, The Sweetest Thing is a quality film!], she says her cool new neighbors are probably vegans. And on this other show this guy was all, “I’d rather date a vegan than do that.” And really just everywhere! 

I actually don’t know any hipster vegans though; most of the hipsters I know are of the OMG BACON variety. My sister’s most hipstery friend even just sent me a Facebook invite to a pig roast. Don’t worry, it’s totes free-range, for sure.

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