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Megan of Such a Vegan and Sugar Beat Sweets fame is adorable and delightful and also, DRIZ-UNK! That’s just how we like our adorable and delightful ladies! We got this field report (read: email) from her letting us know about the opening of Scream Sorbet's storefront in Oakland (that stuff is delicious!) and I’m just gonna print the email in its entirety because I love it very much and it’s filled with useful info! BAM:

LAURA!!!!! I was getting Lanesplitters with a friend tonight in Temescal, hence the terrible typing as I am super drunk, but I was all ready to go home on my bike and shit when I saw a HUGE sign at the corner of Telegraph and 51st, that said SCREAM SORBET and I straight up screeched on my brakes and locked up my bike again and ran in there like “OMG YOU HAVE A STOREFRONT” and the girl at the counter was like, we do!  And I was like HOLY SHIT! And she was like, I know! They have little 12oz. containers of the ice cream (no scoops yet), and cookie sammiches. Sadly, the cookies are not vegan, BUT in the future once their store is more open-like (it is straight-up bare in there so far but has SO MUCH potential to be SUPER CUTE OMG) they’re going to have vegan cookie sammiches, and gluten-free (GF) cookie sammiches, and VEGAN GF cookie sammiches! My little gluten-intolerant heart was overjoyed. I seriously walked out of there wanting to give a hug to every panhandler in Temescal—which, btdubs, is straight-up Berkeley, I don’t care what zip code it is or whatever, Temescal is so Berkeley. It’s like diet Berkeley, because there’s still panhandlers and graffiti, but still Berkeley. I almost got hit by like three Mercedes (Mercedeses?) riding my bike there WTF why are cyclists maligned for doing something good?! But anyway! The girl at the counter was super duper nice and I bought some kettle corn sorbet (OMG WHUT how is that even possible) which is so goddamn amazing I cannot even begin to describe. My commute is exactly 2.8 miles there and that will be calories WELL EARNED.
But like, it’s totally worth it to go all the way up there, because it’s right by Lanesplitters, and Burma Superstar! VEGAN DATE!!!
OK. I wanted to share. They’ve been open for two days apparently. Also no pic of the store because I was too busy telling the girl how all the vegans in SF Bay Area were gonna be flocking to that shit pronto!!!!  She seemed sorta confused but happy!!
<3 Megs

p.s. I almost forgot!!!!! Lanesplitters has vegan sausage now!!!!! I got it and it was pretty good!!!!

Amazing, right? Adorable, right? Also, she got Kettle Corn flavor (love their crazy flavors! They are somehow delicious) and here’s what the cute-ass tub of it looks like:

Let’s all go this weekend! See you THERE!

[this report has been edited very minimally for clarity]

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