Alicia Silverstone releases new book all about being preggers the vegan way!  »


I don’t think I’ll ever choose to get pregnant, but I know lots of people do! And we get a lot of questions about vegan pregnancy around here but alas, I don’t know jack about it. Luckily, Alicia does! Silverstone has just released this handy book, The Kind Mama, that goes from getting preggers to breastfeeding, all while staying vegan: 

In The Kind Mama,Alicia Silverstone has created a comprehensive and practical guide empowering women to take charge of their fertility, pregnancy, and first 6 months with baby. Drawing on her own experience, as well as that of obstetricians, midwives, nutritionists, holistic health counselors, and others, Silverstone offers advice on getting one’s “baby house” in order through nutrient-rocking foods that heal and nourish, and, once pregnant, gentle ways to boost comfort, energy, and health during each trimester. She helps readers navigate everything from prenatal testing and birth plans to successful breastfeeding and creating a supportive “baby nest.” 

Well! Sounds like the new vegan pregnancy bible!

So, do we have any soon-to-be parents in the crowd? I’m really curious, what have been the biggest struggles with regards to being vegan? I’d love to hear about everyone’s experiences. I know when people aren’t even vegan, EVERYBODY has something to say about what they should be doing when they get pregnant and have a baby. I imagine it might get even more cray when you’re vegan on top of that. Am I right?

Find links to buy the book here


Support Meatless Mondays in Philly Schools!  »


I’m into the logo. You like it?

Could the cheesesteak capitol adopt Meatless Monday?! I say YES! I mean, my dad has been doing Meatless Mondays for a few years and he’s as red-meat-and-potatoes as they get. But he also cares about the environment! And he loves the Meatless Monday Unicorn, so he was happy to get on the Meatless Monday train. If he can do it, I’m sure a bunch of cool kids can do it! And everyone knows all kids from Philadelphia are cool. It’s a science fact. 

I got an email from my new pal Lou, one of the people behind the effort, and she provided a little background for us:

The Humane League needs your help in getting the School District of Philadelphia to adopt Meatless Mondays! Many school districts across the country, including Los Angeles Unified School District, Detroit Public Schools, and San Diego Unified School District, already participate in the program. Philadelphia’s school district is the eighth largest in the U.S., so their participation would mean a LOT less meat being served. Unfortunately they keep pushing us off, saying they’re in the middle of contract negotiations, so we’re garnering support from Philadelphia residents, teachers, parents, and students to help get them on board. If you fall into one (or more) of those categories, please visit to learn more and sign the petition—then help spread the word!

So if you fall into one of the categories mentioned and want to help, all you have to do is go to their homepage and sign the petition! Easier than getting shwasted on the citywide special at Bob and Barbara’s. 

If you need more convincing, here’s a little vid about it too:


Today! In NYC! Do Good at the Grocery  »


Get your shop on today, Thursday January 9, at any Manhattan Whole Foods and 5% of your purchase supports the efforts of statewide nonprofit the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food (NYCHSF).

With a mission to educate participating school communities—students, teachers, parents and administrators—about ways in which they can consume more nutritious foods (i.e., more plants, fewer animals), we’re all about backing them. And what better way to do so than by picking up a few foodstuffs we were bound to buy anyway? You know you want to.

Funds raised will specifically benefit the coalition’s work with the New York City Department of Education Office of SchoolFood, a partnership promoting plant-based protein options and salad bars. Food UnEarthed, interactive curriculum developed by NYCHSF and currently taught to over 500 students a week in NYC, will also reap the rewards of your (hopefully gluttonous) trip to the Market. (By the way, we want in on this Food UnEarthed thing; kids get to act as detectives, using critical thinking skills to, as its title implies, uncover the truth about food. Then, following a rigorous investigation, they get to sit back, relax and enjoy a yummy—and healthy!—vegan snack. Sign us up!) 

If you’d like to learn more about the org or just say hey to the brains behind this genius means of feeding kids greens, NYCHSF representatives will be tabling at all seven stores in the city from 11 AM to 7 PM. From 11 AM to 3:30 PM, meet Executive Director Amie Hamlin at the Bowery location and from 11 AM to 1:30 PM, meet board chair Lisa Suriano at the Midtown East location.

Or, you know, just go get some noms, preferably free of flesh, dairy and eggs!

Nell Alk is a writer and editor based in New York City. If something #vegan is happening in the world, she is on it. Twitter with her here


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Guys, guys, guys, this is too sweet. Just watch. A rescue pit bull turned therapy dog is bff with a Sandy Hook student. 


Adorable kids sells vegan food in Denver! Makes you wish you lived here with me, huh?

This cutie got all dressed up in suspenders and sold lemon-and-mint sun tea and vegan banana bran muffins on the corner at a “goodies stand”! I love child labor, especially in costume!

[Can’t see the video? Click here to watch it on the local news]


Vegan edible finger paint! Awesome! Good idea?  »

Look what I saw on Inhabitots!* Vegan edible finger paint! Say whaaaa? You heard me. This is totally cool but is it a good idea? Obviously it’s safe to eat this paint but then what if they are at school and the finger paints come out and they are like, “sweet! Snack time!”

*Still not preggers

Picture from Inhabitots


Climate Change 2.0: Chomped if we want it!

This new video from the Chomping Climate Change website is a work in progress, aimed at kids. It explains how what we eat can impact the future of the environment.

The video explains very simply that the old model of environmental reform, calling for us to replace all fossil fuels with renewable energy, is tired, expensive, and not happening any time soon. If we shift the focus to what we eat, we can have a major impact in a relatively short amount of time. Basically, your energy-saving lightbulb is really super-duper, but if you want to make real change, put down the patty melt!

This video is based on the 2009 report Livestock and Climate Change by Robert Goodland and Jeff Anhang that we discussed Friday. The paper discusses the importance of getting the message of this new model for change out to young people, because they are the future, adoy! And even better, they are not old and grumpy and set in their ways like the rest of us. Don’t get mad, you know you’re grumpy! Or get mad, I know it’s hard to contain at your age. 


Who likes adorable baby animals frolicking with good-looking dudes? YOU DO. WE ALL DO. So let’s enjoy these piglets and kids that Animal Place rescued from some shitty pumpkin patch last month. The pumpkin patch people used their “baby animal petting zoo” to lure customers, and planned to send all four little bitty babies to slaughter as soon as they closed the patch for the season.

Animal Place is the best, you guys. Let’s e-snorgle some animals together! Also if you’d like to adopt the goats, too late because Marji says they were adopted with five other rescued goats! Cool.


A girl and her dolphin!  »

My parents are in London at the moment, visiting my cousin and his sweetie pie little daughters, Sophia and Joanna. Turns out, Sophia has taken a shine to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society and adopted her own dolphin! I asked her to write a little bit about the WDCS and she was kind enough to oblige!:

I became interested in WDCS when I was reading my nature magazine (National Geographic, Kids). At the end of it was an adoption form and a bit of information about WDCS. They allow anybody to adopt a dolphin, whale or porpoise, but it is actually aimed at kids. I adopted a dolphin called Moonlight; she has a one year old calf called Mellow Yellow. Here is a picture of a dolphin:

WDCS is: 

The global voice for whales, dolphins, porpoises and their environment. 

Here is a link to where you can find out more about Moonlight.

Click here for the kid’s zone. 

-Cousin Sophia Rascal, Age 10, UK

I know, she’s very well spoken. She’s also a mean soccer player! Or football player, as they would say. Now I want to adopt a dolphin! No I probs would adopt a whale. I feel so bad for them all the time. Sigh. Let’s just look at the cute dolphin drawing!


Eight-year-old boy raises money for a kitten thrown for a car (pardon the commercial at the beginning). This little boy is the man! He’s so, like, stoic or something? That’s not the word because he’s clearly passionate and sensitive. But he’s so serious! And intense! I love him. What a great kid!

You can read more about the kitten, Clover, and donate here.

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