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Sorry Jews and other non-Christian minorities, it’s Christmastime once again. You would know this if you’ve been to Union Square lately—the Christmas spirit is all up in that mofo! And while living by Union Square is a foot-traffic bonanza year-round, it just doesn’t bother me as much when there’s ice-skating to be done and roasted chestnuts to be had (which are GOOD. Jerks.). My favorite part of it all…the kittens and puppies!

Every year, the Macy’s windows on the corner of Stockton and O’Farrell here in San Francisco are taken over by the SPCA. They fill them with weird miniature woodland furniture and throw in a few puppies and kittens in each window and let the magic happen (NOOO! I just mean magic like people fall in love with them. Jeez, to neuter is cuter.). If you go by in the evening, you’ll see many “adopted” signs in the windows—most of them get adopted before the end of the day.

I love these damn puppies and kittens with their wacky elfin furniture! I take Figaro down to look at them about everyday until it’s over. He’s an SPCA alumnus so he’s basically the goodwill ambassador for shelter animals. Sometimes a puppy will come up to the window to look at Fig and it’s kind of the cute Olympics. Quite a crowd-pleaser!

But there is one thing that I can’t help but think about: isn’t impulse-shopping a big no-no when it comes to pets? I feel like not only do most animal-welfare organizations warn against getting pets on a whim, a lot of them are like, “Don’t buy pets for birthdays! Or Christmas! Or Easter! Or anytime fun!” So having cute-ass little puppies in the windows of a department store in the center of the shopping Mecca at Christmas seems like…well, a genius idea! But one that could end in buyer’s remorse and a lot of homeless slightly older pups. Fortunately, while adopters can submit applications and lay claim to the bitty pets, they have to wait a day or two before they can bring them home—so anyone being super-impulsive has a chance to abandon ship.

SPCA representatives are on-hand to answer your questions and collect donations. AND GUESS WHAT ELSE! There’s a WEBCAM! It’s totally SFW, btw.

[Ed.: Please welcome a new Vegansaurus regular, the fantastic Megan Rascal! Megan Rascal moved to San Francisco all the way from Philly to study copywriting. She also moonlights as DJ My Lil’ Pony, everyone’s favorite dancing DJ. She loves her adopted dog Figaro, peanut butter, and garage rock. Check out her blogs: You Talk Funny (cultural linguistics) and The Daily Rascal (awesome shit).]

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