Your Kitty Can Help Save Tigers!  »

Here’s Dolores, my new kitty, giving her super roar to save tigers. Like our favorite kitty star Lil Bub, Dolores and me are so sad that there are only a few thousand wild tigers left. It’s terrible! That’s why Greenpeace has started this initiative with the help of all the cool internet cats like Bub, Cats Save Tigers.

And your cat can be a part of it too! Go to and you can make your own kitty meme and even donate. 

Learn more from Lil Bub herself:

Now go to the site and see how you can help!


This little rescue kitty has the best hats!  »

A famous internet dude I’ve never heard of makes these little construction paper hats for his three-legged rescue kitty Maxwell! I don’t know why it matters that Maxwell is three-legged but they keep mentioning it. I guess so you’re not surprised when you see a pic where you can tell he’s missing a leg. Dang, three-legged animals just without fail make my heart swell. You too?

More hats!:

He makes some hats for his other kitty too. But who cares about a four-legged kitty! JK. So is this Wonder Woman or some anime thing I don’t know about?:


Cat-toure: buy kitty clothes from one badass cat  »

Guys, if you didn’t know, I got a new job. Yes, that’s why I haven’t been as prolific lately. But I still love you! So I find you great things like Cat-toure! There’s this funny guy Jeff at my work and my intern BFF was like, “you know he has a cat clothing line, right?” And I was like, “hell no I did not but I’m so ready to make him internet famous!” Which is the natural outcome of all Vegansaurus posts. 

Cat-toure is kind of like American Apparel for your kitty pals. It’s some cute-ass stuff. I love the hoodies like whoa. But my favorite part is the model! Look at this bruiser:

Holy crap, let’s cuddle already! I had to ask Jeff all about her. This tough guy is named Liley! Jeff and his wife rescued her when she was one year old. He says she weighed less than four pounds and “was pretty much bald and had mad shit wrong with her.” Now she’s happy and healthy! She’s a Devon Rex and purportedly “mad friendly and mad chill.” She sleeps on Jeff’s wife’s head every night and can do paw (that Devon Rex link says they hella great at tricks). So cute! My Mitsy can sit for treats but if I tried to teach her paw, she’d be like “LOLZ you are hilar. BRB I just saw some dust move!”

Like I always say when we discuss cat clothes, if your kitty don’t like clothes, don’t make her wear clothes. If she don’t care, no harm no foul. Though I think anybody might want to get Cat-toure’s super cute kitty robe for the post-bath routine. I don’t bathe Mitsy too often but sometimes you just gotta. I’m talking pee. Shit just got real.


Isa’s kitty benefit dinner makes me almost wish I lived in Omaha  »

OMG this photo makes me SO jealous. I want to be that woman with the tattoos and great arms holding a heart-shaped bowl of raspberries next to the freakin’ QUEEN of vegan food, my hero Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Who cares that I’d have to go live in Omaha.* Isa I love you!

This pic is from a benefit dinner Isa threw last Sunday, to raise money for Feline Friendz kitty rescue. She’s got a full report on the PPK blog, including drool-inducing photos of the food she whipped up. She says she took extra care because in Omaha, the stakes are high (no vegan pizza raining from the sky).

Maybe we can convince her to go on tour? I guess just continuing to write cookbooks might be enough.

*Actually Omaha is pretty up-and-coming, it turns out. Get in now before it turns into Brooklyn! No offense, Brooklyn!


This cat lives in a tree! Holy cannoli, I’m in love with a tree cat. The cat was actually born in the tree and then the mother brought all the kittens down EXCEPT little Almond here. Why? So sad. Luckily, Ron Venden, who lives by the tree, started taking care of the little kitty. He brings it meatloaf and built it a cute little shelter—a tree fort! Jealous. He even put a dry-food feeder up there! I know, you are like, “Um, it was a kitten, why didn’t he just pick it up and take it out of the dang tree?” But he says he’s tried a few times and Almond gets scratchy. Oh, that’s just like Almond! Silly tree kitty.


Adopt a Giants-loving kitty for $9!  »

Even though the Giants totally blow and the Phillies have a way better typeface, I am happy to report that the Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA in exotic San Mateo is having a special adoption rate for kitties with the Giant’s team colors. That RULES! Just like when the Philadelphia Flyers did this four months ago. So even though the Giants are going down, this is an excellent time to get a kitty and show your team pride! Even if your team is a bunch of jerks!*

You have through Sunday, Oct. 31 to adopt your black or orange kitty for $9. Do it and send me pictures!

*Our Megan Rascal is a loyal Philadelphian.

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