New Vegansaurus app is a pocket guide to the best S.F. Bay Area vegan eats!  »

IT’S ALIVE!!! Vegansaurus has been part of the Know What app for awhile and we’re excited to announce that we have our very own app! It’s a guide to all the best in S.F. Bay Area vegan dining with mini-reviews, maps, and more! It’s super handy, I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now and I can’t stop looking at it, it’s so much fun! I’m like, “What do I feel like eating? Let’s see what the app says!” It’s like a Magic 8 Ball but the answer is always, “HELL YES DO IT.” 

From the press release:

The Bay Area probably has more veg food than any other place in the universe, and yet, believe it or not, not all of it is delicious. In fact, some of it is not even good. Which is why Vegansaurus, the bicoastal juggernaut of all things vegan, has eaten every single vegan dish in the entire Bay Area (* okay, not every single one) to make sure that you only put absolutely awesome vegan deliciousness in your mouth. You’re welcome.

It has 77 restaurants and is basically a pocket guide to S.F. Bay Area vegan eats! It’s available for Apple products now with an Android version coming soon! So buy it and have all the awesomeness of Vegansaurus with you when you’re on the go! Seriously, we will just be there in your pocket, cursing and screaming to get out. For only $1.99, it’s impossible to not unleash the beast! 

For your enjoyment, here’s what it looks like (isn’t it great??) (don’t answer that unless you agree, it’s kind-of an unofficial site rule):


Know What App!  »

Hey guys! Vegansaurus is featured in this cool new Know What iPhone app. They gathered a bunch of super-smart experts* to create city guides of awesomeness. We did one for the best veg food in the S.F. Bay Area. So buy it! Because it’s cheap! And fun! And maybe even useful!

The Vegansaurus guide is just $1.99 if you feel like owning it. MAYBE YOU DO, MAYBE YOU DON’T—either way, we still love you! Just a little more if you do and a little less if you don’t, because that’s how love works.


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