Bowdoin College bros throw tantrum over Meatless Monday  »

Some students at Bowdoin College in Maine were so offended that their school cafeteria decided to participate in Meatless Monday, they threw an impromptu barbecue. Thrilling! My first thought is: This school is in Maine; who cares what they do? My second thought is: The privileged, self-entitled yuppies of tomorrow are so predictable! According to the article, the students are likening Meatless Monday to an attack on their civil liberties. Stop the press! You mean young privileged America is short-sighted and self-absorbed? Shocking! Wait until Europe gets a hold of this!

My favorite part of the article is that while the students are complaining they are being denied access to meat, they all manage to scrounge some up for their barbecue. Clearly, these rich douchebags have never been denied anything in their life. Meatless Monday is a threat to their rights? In a country full of racism, sexism, and xenophobia, it’s insulting that these kids think Meatless Monday is something to be offended about. Open your eyes: meat is destroying the planet!

You know what I’m going to be mad about? Recycling! I can’t believe my government, in the supposed land of the free, is imposing recycling on me! Will the injustice never cease?!

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