Product preview: Surprise healthy snack boxes from Lollihop!  »

That’s quite a headline, I know. But that’s what it is! Lollihop sends people monthly boxes of healthy, organic snacks that they promise are tasty. And they decided to do a vegan box! It’s just one month but they say that next year they will be doing a full every-month subscription thingy (now that would make a great holiday present!). They are sending me a sample, so I haven’t tried it yet, but I wanted to tell you guys about it early as you have to order before Tuesday, Nov. 1. See, they are only doing 500 of them so there is a limited quantity! They ship the boxes mid-November for a late November/early December delivery.

I find this very exciting! I like surprises! They are also all about transparency in ingredients and healthy, organic stuff—but they don’t talk about weight-loss, just health! They say they literally interview everyone they source ingredients from—hilar! They work with big companies like Larabar and small companies I’ve never heard of likeĀ Somersault Snack Co. (sunflower seeds!). As an added bonus, I think the graphic design is super-cute.

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