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Sometimes I’m weird and I don’t get wordplay right off the bat. What I’m getting at is I went to this restaurant before I got the G-spot pun, FYI. But I’m glad I went because it was muy delish!

You see, I moved to Brooklyn from San Francisco on Saturday, and boy are my arms tired! But seriously folks, I now have to totally reorient myself in a new vegan-friendly city. Turns out, right in Park Slope—my new ‘hood!—there’s a lovely little all-vegan restaurant: The V Spot! So my dear omnivore brother and I decided to go there for brunch.

When we got there it was pretty empty and we were concerned that it sucked, but it was only empty because everyone was sitting on the lovely back patio! The patio was bumping as it was a very nice day. The V Spot specializes in “latin cuisine” (“latin cuisine” makes me think of bacchanals and olive branches, btw) and for brunch they were serving breakfast burritos, huevos rancheros, and other such things. They also had straight-up tofu scramble and even pancakes. My brother got the burrito and I got the tofu scramble with a pancake on the side. They ALSO have an all-you-can-drink mimosa special for $10 during brunch, which of course we got; we would basically be losing money if we didn’t! That’s what I like to call “economics.”

The mimosas were good, duh. My brother loved the breakfast burrito and declared, “I’ll come here ANY time!” Quite a win. I liked the tofu scramble; it was your basic yellow tofu scramble with broccoli, peppers and onions in it. The home fries were decent and the vegan sausage was great. The pancake was excellent! I might have to get them for the main dish next time—you can add blueberries, chocolate chips, bananas, oh my! Then the next time I go, I’ll get the huevos rancheros! Let’s just plan my whole life now! Because I need some direction.

One thing to warn you about: service was SLOW, with a capital GODDAMN. We had to ask for the mimosas twice, my toast twice, my tea twice, etc. It seemed like there was only one waiter for all the tables. It was Easter so maybe they couldn’t get anyone else to work or something. The main dishes came out on their own but for everything else, I suggest you ask twice—that seemed to be the trick to it. I’ll tell you though, it really hinders your all-you-can-drink mimosa experience.

Oh, I almost forgot my favorite part of the restaurant! The sign in the window for when they’re closed says, “Sorry vegans, we’re closed.” And the sign for when they’re open says, “Sorry carnivores, we’re open!” Haaaaaaaaaaaaa. I am a fan of this sign.

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