I told you I’d put up some latkes today! And these latkes are extra special because you get to make them with Vegansaurus fave, The Sweetest Vegan! She really is the sweetest. 

I love latkes like more than I love the baby Jesus. My Philly neighbor Josh makes THE BEST latkes but they have an egg in them so I haven’t had them in years. Maybe if I make him some vegan gingerbread he will make me vegan latkes! I used to use his recipe but I made them even better because I got fancy and fried them in olive oil! More expensive but so worth it! I love olive oil more than I love the Virgin Mary. 

The Sweetest Vegan has a bunch of other great recipes for this time of year including vegan eggnog and hot chocolate. Check them out!

Sorry if there was a commercial at the beginning of the video but we want money going into the vegan community! You get it, girl!


Happy holidays from Brianna and her hot latkes!

Happy holidays from Brianna and her hot latkes!

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