Vegans at #SXSW! Wanna see rad vegans — our co-founder Laura Beck and the awesome Stephanie Bogdanich of Vegan Lazy Smurf! — talk about online activism AND eat DELICIOUS FREE CUPCAKES (see above! turtle power!) from Capital City Bakery?! YEAH, YOU DO! It’s at 5pm in room 5ABC at the Convention Center COME COME COME xoxoxox.

Vegans at #SXSW! Wanna see rad vegans — our co-founder Laura Beck and the awesome Stephanie Bogdanich of Vegan Lazy Smurf! — talk about online activism AND eat DELICIOUS FREE CUPCAKES (see above! turtle power!) from Capital City Bakery?! YEAH, YOU DO! It’s at 5pm in room 5ABC at the Convention Center COME COME COME xoxoxox.


Happy Almost New Year: it’s the Vegansaurus best meals of 2012!  »

You didn’t think we’d let 2013 come at us without a best of list, did you? OF COURSE NOT. So for your reading pleasure, we came up with our very favorite meals of 2012. Let’s do this!

Jenny (that’s me!): My new favorite restaurant of all time is Pura Vida in Las Vegas. I ate so many wonderful meals this year, but Pura Vida topped them all. Chef Mayra is a culinary mastermind—her dishes are vibrantly colorful and packed with so much flavor! Almost every day I think about the breakfast burrito I had about eight months ago, and I cannot wait to to get back to Vegas to hit her up again! I’ve actually planned my entire wedding in Vegas (sans groom) (for now) solely based on Chef Mayra catering the elegant debauchery that will no doubt ensue.

Latin’tude breakfast burrito, I love you!

Megan: ”For me, it was the year of chickpea flour—and more specifically, the Tuscan chickpea frittata. Oh boy did we have some good times this year! I made them every which way from Sunday. So easy and so yummy! And totes versatile. It’s the best!”

Man, that was a lot of fun, when Megan was making all those frittatas! I can’t believe I never tried one myself, but I suppose that will have to be what 2013 is for!image
Vegan, gluten-free frittata; so many delicious combinations!

Laura: ”The VegNews all-cheese holiday party, catered by Miyoko Schinner was, in a word, mind blowing! Cheese, cheese, and more cheese!! Giant cheese-stuffed ravioli was maybe the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my life (SORRY ABOUT THE PHOTO, I’m too pretty to be good at anything!) and fried croquettes on amazing salad, and so much more. Vegan meringue, too! Holy mother!

"Vegan cheese, you’ve come a long way since your days of gross inedibility! Buy Miyoko’s book IMMEDIATELY!”

Hot dang, that VegNews staff knows how to get down!

Vegan cheese, you HAVE come a long way!

Meave: Of course, sometimes it is impossible to pick just one, so our Meave gives the lowdown on her top five! First, comes Isa’s Maple Pecan Pie, because what holiday is complete without this delectable dessert? (Follow Meave on Instagram to see how her beautiful pie turned out—I was blown away at its loveliness!)
Maple pecan pie, before meeting the oven! 

Next up we have a filling and colorful veg bowl, to which Meave explains, “Angela Liddon, salad genius, made so many of my lunches better with her legume and veg bowls, but my favorite was her Lightened Up Protein Power Goddess Bowl. Meave is quite the salad dressing connoisseur (“I’m picky”), so if this made the list, you know it’s got to be good! Of course we can’t leave out the brunch at Donut Farm, which includes Meave’s personal faves — the winter hash, double-dipped donuts, banana fritters and potato works!
Winter hash forever! Or at least until spring!

Last but certainly not least, Sinto Gourmet kimchi, and for ogling, everything by Tofu666 (“my No. 1 source for food porn”).

Sarah: Keeping up with her title, Sarah dishes out some raw opinions, telling us her favorite dish of 2012 was “Cafe Gratitude’s I Am Whole bowl. Always”. I bet she’s missing that over on the East Coast! Hope you got your fill on your recent L.A. adventure, Sarah!

Sarah’s version of said bowl, via her personal blog

Andrew: “I’m going to have to go with our recent Mexican vegan Christmas dinner menu—homemade refried beans, Spanish rice, homemade mole with tofu, three kinds of homemade tamales (soyrizo, mushroom and mole, and green chile and cheese); margarita pizza with soyrizo (definitely NOT homemade); and horchata made from scratch, which was used for Mexican White Russians. This fed seven of us at dinner and then everyone got some to take home. And we’ve had leftovers for one meal a day since.” I did manage to get myself invited to this magnificent dinner, but alas, Long Beach was just too far away!

Check out this magnificent plate, made complete with a Tecate, of course!

That’s enough about us and our favorites—now it’s your turn to rave about your absolute faves from 2012, so the rest of us can enjoy them in 2013! Happy New Year everybody!


Rumor alert: Ellen may not be opening a vegan restaurant after all!  »

Word on the street (and by street I mean the internet highway) is that Ellen and Portia’s SoCal vegan restaurant may not be happening after all! Oh no! I was looking forward to this collaboration of superstars—Ellen, Portia, Chrissy Hynde, Steven Bing, Tal Ronnen and Waldo Fernandez. I was also looking forward to hooking up with a Sugar Daddy, because I knew there was no way in hell I’d be able to afford eating at that joint, being a restaurant worker myself.

As excited as I may have been about a new vegan hotspot opening up, I did have my reservations. Everyone wants to open a restaurant. Everyone thinks they’ll be great at it, but the truth is, most new restaurants don’t make it in their first year.  It’s hard work. Nevermind that the people who can handle working in the restaurant industry are bat shit crazy. The turnover rate is astronomical. If you haven’t read Laura’s “Top 10 Reasons You Can’t Be a Professional Chef" for SF Weekly, get on that! She got some flack in the comments section that it was unrealistic, but those people are dead wrong.
My point is that working in this industry is my career, and I love it, but it has been both the best and worst experience of my life. It’s tough, mentally and physically. So if Ellen and Portia want to keep their sanity, maybe they should run the other way. Plus, I’d hate for them to be the jerk owners who show off their shiny new cars, while their staff juggles two jobs—because let me tell you, this industry does not pay well (that is a paraphrased sentiment from Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, but also true of my own experience. You can love or hate that guy, but Kitchen Confidential is THE first-hand account of working in the industry, and I for one, really enjoyed its harsh honesty).

{Photo via}


Earth day is on Sunday: let’s talk reducing, reusing and composting!  »

Another year, another Earth Day! I like to look at Earth day as a New Year’s of sorts — I examine the steps I’m taking to reduce my carbon footprint, and also try to make new resolutions, then revisit old ones I’ve let slide. For instance — when I buy coffee, there is no reason I should ever come out with a paper coffee cup and plastic lid. I have travel mugs! I made a resolution awhile back that if I didn’t have my mug with me, I wouldn’t buy coffee. It’s time I re-evaluate that one, and stick to it!

I can’t write this and not mention how green the vegan lifestyle is, after all, my motto is “every day is Earth day when you’re vegan”! There are always more steps we can take, to reduce our consumption of resources! Let’s inspire each other!

The Vegansaurs have compiled a list for you, of the things we do (besides being vegan) to take care of this planet and it’s resources, so that we don’t have to move to Mars and allow the destruction of another planet in this galaxy to begin!

Sarah — “I reuse everything, literally everything: takeout containers, foil, Ziplock bags, shopping bags, boxes, teabags, etc. I’m not a hoarder, yet! Oh yeah, biking! I do this, too.”

Rachel — “I carpool to work and bike around town whenever I can (so much harder now that I don’t live in the Bay Area anymore!). I buy almost all my clothing and as much household furniture as I can used. I carry my own water around so I’m not stuck with bottled.” She also shops at farmer’s markets, supports local business, and brings her own bags to the grocery store. As far as household care, Rachel covers her windows in plastic during the winter so she doesn’t have to use as much heat and programs her thermostat “to mellow out at night and while I’m gone.”

Laura —“I compost everything! I throw out one bag of actual garbage, like once a month. It’s crazy what you can compost between the city and your own backyard! Amazing! Oh, and buy as much stuff used as possible, except underwear because I’m not Lindsay Lohan. Or swimming suits… speaking of which, do you have a pool? It is hot as shit out! And don’t use chlorine in that pool! But do use salt water or whatever is naturally antibacterial so you don’t get gangrene or chlamydia from me.”

Meave — “Composting! Plus, making your own vegetable stock from scraps, buying those recycled, recyclable toothbrushes. Washing everything in cold water. Public transportation and walking because driving is the worst. Filling a big jug with water when you’re heating it up to do dishes and then using it to water plants/dog/yourself/ice. Little things like this seem insane, but you have to look at it as habit-changes, not like ‘adopting crazy behavior’. It’s like how you had to learn to always read ingredients. You just learn to put the giant bottle under the tap, until the water’s hot, or wash your ziplocks instead of throwing them away”.

Megan — “I buy organic! I buy organic sheets, organic food, organic everything! Just so there’s less junk in the earth.” 

Mark forwarded me a spam message about hot tubs. I am assuming it was to prove the point that no paper gets wasted when one sends an email, as opposed to snail mail. And also because he’s funny.

Jenny (that’s me!) — My mom hates going to the the grocery store with me, because I never use those plastic fruit and vegetable bags — I think they are so wasteful! More than anything I try to keep my consumption of plastic products down, because the thought of the Pacific Garbage Patch terrifies me. I wash all my clothes in cold water, I try to not buy coffee out unless I brought my own mug, I use canvas bags when food shopping, and when I cook, I try to use ingredients that come in the least amount of packaging possible. You will hardly find processed cheeses or creams in my recipes. Like Meave, I also walk and take public transit everywhere!

Now it’s your turn! What measures do you take, to live a greener lifestyle?

Don’t forget, if you live in the Bay Area, there is not one, but two events for you to attend on Sunday — Berkeley Vegan Earth Day and Earth Day at Hayes Valley farm


New Year’s Resolutions for vegans, part 2! What are yours?  »

That’s from my story at The Bold Italic about New Year’s Resolutions for different San Francisco characters, what are some other amazing New Year’s resolutions for vegans?

First, my turn! I’ve got more!

- Make out with Isa Chandra Moskowitz and/or Terry Hope Romero
- Veganize the turducken
- Be the person who finally converts Mark Bittman to complete veganism (you will get laid a lot with these bragging rights!)
- Get your vegan croquet club fully funded via Kickstarter
- Do not adopt another dog and/or cat and/or bunny and/or rat and/or etc.
- Purchase no more than 15 vegan cookbooks
- Build another house for when you adopt more animals and buy more vegan cookbooks

I’m not fully on my game this morning and I know there’s a million more! What are they?? Let us know in the comments and then let’s make the ultimate list and then we’ll print it out, laminate it, post it to our fridge (where we spend the most time ‘cause we’re vegan), and CONQUER IN 2012! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Please note, this is called part 2 because the lovely Samantha Cohen wrote a legit list for us a couple years ago. Question B: ARE YOU MAKING ANY OF THIS SHIZ HAPPEN? 


Vegansaurus’ own favorite posts from 2011!  »

Because we love ourselves more than anything and we don’t want you to miss out on all the amazing shit that happened on the site, we’ve curated a list of our favorite posts. SO FUN! ish!

If we’d had more time, we woulda done this for the whole internet but we’re not made of time, we’re made of cinnamon rolls, poorness, and broken dreams. SORRY!

First up: MEGAN RASCAL! I love this girl. Seriously, I’d give her a lung or my heart or a foot because she is the reason Vegansaurus currently exists and is everything wonderful. Yay, Megan Rascal!

Mother Jones loves sustainability, except when there’s delicious, fancy food involved! by Laura
I love this because I hate the sustainable meat hawkers and I love when Laura tells Mother Jones they are from planet 1970s Hippie Socialist.
An open letter to Sheri Appleby by Mark
This is great because Mark is THE MOST FUNNIEST and he references Roswell and Melissa Joan Hart. Also, I can’t believe that chick’s views on men and veganism!
Book review: The Vampire and the Vegan, Book 1: Food by Jenny
I love this because Jenny is hilar and does the best strike-through jokes. Plus, I think the blending of vampires and vegans is how we’re going to take over the world. 

Second: MARK! Mark is probably the funniest person I’ve ever met. Also, he’s hella smart and mean, but not in a bad way. His heart is filled with so much love, sometimes it’s like it’s just explodes in your face in the form of a fist. Delightful.

This is the best thing I’ve written all year, which is somewhat disheartening because this year I also wrote my master’s paper. The latter took two semesters, was a requirement for graduation and was “accidentally” lost to the academic world forever. When people ask me what I wrote it on, I mumble quietly and get the hell out of there as quickly as possible and never speak to the person again. However, when someone asks me if I’ve ever written a highly criticized open letter to a minor tv celebrity who is facing a fall into oblivion and who, as commenters rightly pointed out, doesn’t really warrant the anger I directed towards her, I happily direct them to this post!

Just link to everything I did. That is everyone’s favorite post.

Next, Miss Jenny Bradley! Not only is she super funny, adorable, and correctly obsessed with celebrities, she’s also a dessert baking maniac and I’d pretty much kill a man for her live pumpkin cheesecake. 

I really like this post by Megan cause she went to her lil’ sis for advice, which I thought was adorable. And I loved Megan’s commentary on each shoe! So funny! Especially the part about any heel over 2 inches was irresponsible due to the amount of whiskey she drinks.
This Natalie Portman post because of the part about cleft-palate babies. Hahahaha. I had JUST read that article in Vogue. Plus I love celebrities! When I do my celeb posts, I try to channel Laura instead of an US Weekly writer, but….let’s just say I’m still working on it. 
Sarah’s account of the ginger seal, as we got a glimpse into her mind and thus her love of all things ginger (except her own hair, when dyed!). I am so jealous the ruddy colored seal is following her on twitter and not me. Sarah is hilarious! 

And next, ME! I’m great!

Rachel’s Cafe Gratitude Bereavement plan because WTF are we all gonna do when it’s gone? Plus, it made me laugh.
Sarah’s brown sugar bacon buttermilk waffles HOLY FUCK
Meave’s Ecoturre shoe post because I really love whenever Meave writes about shoes because she is hilarious and passionate and I also love whenever she talks about rules about anything, especially every day behavior, because it’s so funny and spot on. 
Megan’s meat week post is probably my most favorite Vegansaurus post of all time. IT’S SO GOOD! and right! 

Now, it’s Sarah M. Smart time! She’s super great! And funny! And smart! We like her a lot, a lot.

top 8 vegan foods we’re sick of seeing on omni menus, because yours truly wrote it and also because it really seemed to strike a chord heretofore unseen in our audience, sparking a more-lists resolution. 
jenny’s las vegas redux! it’s good to know that you can party like a rock star AND be vegan. plus i’m going there in 2012 and will refer to this post often! 

Meave belatedly wants to express her love of

Megan Rascal’s Meatless Monday Unicorn! I love that mean jerk. Megan Rascal really is the funniest.

This wasn’t officially part of Vegansaurus, but I feel like Laura’s Week in Vegan was like Vegansaurus outreach to the masses/readers of SFoodie, and it’s like Laura distilled, which can be intense, but is always awesome.

I have a crippling sinus headache and am extremely tired.

Rachel might be adding hers soon but I wanted to get this up and thank you all for reading and we love you all very much, even when you look ugly and you’re mean to us, we still want to do you. That’s love. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


The Atlantic says merry Christmas, screw you non-meat-eaters  »

Nicolette Niman has a piece in The Atlantic where she and a few other idiots who have a vested interest in you eating meat talk about how great it is to eat meat. As Meave says, “so short, so full of horrors.” For real, I don’t even know where to start with this thing, it’s so full of stupid, gross speculation, and bad science. I wish Niman would stop espousing the virtues of eating meat. She married into a meat dynasty, of course she loves “ethical” meat! Just knock it off; stop pretending you ever understood what it means not to want to consume dead animals.

The point of the whole shebang is that eating animals is good for you, the environment, and for animals—if done in a very specific way that happens about one percent of the time. Great! The health and environmental points can be argued, but I simply will not concede on ethics. Eating animals is only ethical if you’re okay with killing animals—or more likely, letting other people kill animals—for your food when you don’t NEED to.

As for the health argument, these people are no more health experts than I am, and again, they have a vested interest in humans eating meat, so hearing them try to argue against the health of a vegan diet is just infuriating. I can link to studies from actual health experts about how easy it is to get B12 and how animal products are bad for you until I’m blue in the face. We can trade articles back and forth all day long arguing for both sides. You can be healthy eating meat and you can be healthy not eating meat, and the proof is all the healthy people who do both things and live long-ass lives.

Now, I’ll say something some of you won’t agree with and that’s fine, but you can also care about the environment and still eat meat, no probs. It’s much easier to care about the Earth and not eat meat, but if you are in the one percent of people who raise and kill animals on a super small scale, then you might be able to say you care.

However, the point I absolutely will not accept is their claim that you can love and respect animals while you’re eating them. GIRLFRIENDS! Don’t get it twisted. No animal wants to die for your meal, no matter how many days you let her graze in an open field of organic grass or how many free-range hugs you give her before you slit her throat. If I take good care of grandma until I murder her because I need her room for my new baby, I don’t love and respect grandma. Ya dig?

Unlike some other animals, we have the exciting ability to not act on pure instinct, and we can and do thrive on animal-free diets. I eat amazing food that doesn’t include death or torture and that’s what I’m comfortable with. Just because you stopped being vegan to hunt deer doesn’t mean you have to push your compromised ethics on me. And yes, I do think they’re compromised, and I do think you’re disgusting for hunting. I recognize that hunting is in many ways superior to buying plastic-wrapped factory-farmed ground cows at Safeway, but I also think that it takes a special kind of creepazoid to shoot and kill a living creature. And I bet you’re not that good of a shot and that the animal suffers [ed. note: and poisons bald eagles, the symbol of freedom!], and that you’ve taken away moms and dads from their babies with your carelessness, you piece of shit.

You know what I think is worst of all? You have the MEANS to do better; you’re not ignorant to the realities of factory farming, and you choose to advocate a more ethical lifestyle by encouraging meat consumption. Get fucked.

Oh, well. At least The Atlantic has James McWilliams. I feel for you, bro!


You know I write the Week in Vegan over at SF Weekly, right?  »

 I mean, I tweet about it a-fucking-nough. Anyway, here’s a tidbit from today’s masterpiece:

Madeline Pickens, the wife of T. Boone Pickens, billionaire energy tycoon and man with the world’s best name, is on a mission to save wild horses from complete devastation. You see, cattle ranchers claim the horses are eating all the grass and drinking all the water that’s meant to fatten up cows for slaughter. OH BOO FUCKING HOO! You go on, rich powerful lady, fuck shit up. You’re fighting the good fight, your hair is fierce, and I want me a pair of those cowboy boots in size vegan clubfoot. WHAT? I CAN’T BE PERFECT.

You can read all that AND SO MUCH MORE in every Friday’s Week in Vegan! Plus, sometimes there’s a special edition where vegan candy bars fly from the screen and hit you in the nuts. SO FUN!


Two best-of eating lists for your easy consumption  »

Who doesn’t love a listicle? You know you’re too busy/distracted/lazy to read anything more in-depth! This here is a tiny post ABOUT two listicles, even shorter for faster digestion. It’s like pre-chewed food! Let us feed you information, baby birds.

First is our Laura’s list of "50 Vegetarian or Vegan Things to Eat Before You Die in SF" at 7x7. I totally agree that the spicy samusa soup at Burma Superstar is amazing and delicious, but the dosas at Udupi Palace are way cheaper and tastier than whatever at Dosa, which is full of itself.

Second is Sonia Mansfield’s list of "Bay Area’s Best Vegetarian & Vegan Dining Spots" at CBS Local San Francisco. She puts Souley Vegan at the top, which, you know, I have eaten there a couple times now and while it is good, it is not my favorite—too salty. Maybe I just don’t like soul food? Or something is wrong with me, because I don’t think Flaco’s taquitos are super-good, either. Cha-Ya, though, oh sweet delicious Cha-Ya. I could marry that dengaku.

What’s on your list of must-eat vegan foods in the Bay Area? Or your not-the-Bay Area? I love the pizza cheesesteak at Jay’s, the brunch at Donut Farm, Ike’s vegan backstabber, and, um, a whole lot of other stuff I can’t think of right now because my whole family ordered pizza without me and I’m craving greasy food so hard. Oh that lentil-donut thing at Udupi, love it. NOW BACK TO THE KALE MINES.


The meat industry is plain fucking evil  »

Our boyfriend Philapotamus is over at Grist talking about how the meat industry turned abuse into a business model. It’s a pretty solid piece and a quick read so why don’t you go over there and tell him what a good job he did and also, remind him to buy almond milk on his way home and oh yeah, to give up being a hypocrite and STOP EATING DEAD ANIMALS. And then apologize for our outburst thusly:

"We kid, honey, you’re doing a great job, we love how vocal you are against big meat ag almost as much as we love your jaunty cap. But we think that deep down you know that the fastest way to stop abusing animals is to stop eating them.”

J/K that’ll never happen, but we know some people are gonna eat meat and so there has to be better ways to get them the dead animal flesh they need so badly and we support any opponent of the factory farm system and please forgive a lady for whining, but ugh VEGANISM IS DELICIOUS and FUN and WE’RE ALL SEXY AND NAKED OVER HERE. Just stop eating meat! Just stop! It’s not that hard! And it feels awesome to know you’re not giving those assholes a red cent! And you’re not taking a life just for your own momentary pleasure! I mean, it’s perverse! KNOCK IT OFF! 

Sorry, I’m all jet-lagged and have no patience for people who eat dead animals right now. I just don’t. I used to love meat more than I loved having the use of my legs and I stopped. Seriously, I stole a chicken leg from a dog’s mouth once and I ate that thing. I was five but does that excuse the fact that I ATE A CHICKEN LEG THAT HAD BEEN IN A DOG’S MOUTH and then I used the cartilage as chewing gum. I’m just trying to make you understand the level of devotion I had to meat times in meat town. I was the mayor and president! Point is: If I can do it, so can you! Seriously, no matter how much you think you love meat and can’t live without it, you can. And it feels awesome, I promise. Well, I can’t promise, you might just be a straight sociopath. If that’s the case, email me because I need some favors.


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