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imageSarah reviewed Purely Posh a few months ago but I got a chance to sample some freebies from them as well and now I will give you my take!

Purely Posh is an online makeup/skincare/etc. store that specializes in natural beauty products. But it’s not all granola-crunchy-like, it is well-designed and modern. It’s not entirely vegan but the great thing about it is that you can search the products by vegan, organic, gluten-free, fragrance-free,* and U.S.-made so that you can find just the products that pertain to your concerns! Huzzah! Purely Posh sent me the lovely vegan eyeshadow you see above and the vegan lipstick pictured below to try out.

The eyeshadow is by Lauress and the color is moonbeam. It’s vegan, gluten-free, and made in the U.S. I thought it was a great color. My coworker said it really made my eyes pop! That is nice, no? It was subtle too though which is nice as well. I mean I wore it to work and it wasn’t like I was lit up like a disco ball the way our lovely front desk woman loves to be. Bless her glittering heart.


The lipstick they sent me to try is the Emani hydrating lip color in Dolce. I must say it is hydrating! Usually lipstick makes my lips feel dry and gets crackly and whatnot; Not this stuff! The color is very similar to my natural lip color except with a lot more punch. So it’s obvious I have lipstick on but it’s very understated (on me at least) at the same time. Lovely!

Now, guess what! Purely Posh is offering a 5% discount to Vegansaurus readers for the next two weeks! Just enter the coupon code “vegansaurus” at checkout (or wherever). It expires on February 18th. Go forth and sparkle! 

*OMG I know you fragrance-haters are stoked! It must be hard to be irritated by fragrances, they put them in god-dang everything. You have my sympathies. 

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