It’s our SXSW panel today! You’re coming, right?  »

Here are the details! It’s on internet activism and veganism and being rad. Plus, it’s with the hilarious, rad, and amazing Lazy Smurf’s Guide to Life (she made that rad graphic of our dino chasing after her smurf’s cupcake. That sounded sexual? Or maybe I’m just that fucked up in the head?)!

Plus PLUS: a chance to win free shit from Coconut Bliss and discount cards from Twig & Leaf Botanicals (20 percent off! even for you folks at home!), our amazing sponsors. It’ll be amazing! See your ass(es?) THERE!


Vegansaurus is speaking at SXSW! Are you an awesome vegan company who wants to sponsor us?  »

Guess what? Vegansaurus is going to SXSW! I’ll be representing in a conversation about vegans online and online veganism with the lovely Stephanie of the delightful Lazy Smurf’s Guide to Life. I will also be eating all of the vegan food in Austin proper. You better lock up your chicken fried seitan and hide your tempeh reubens because I’m comin’ to getcha, TEXAS-STYLE.

Since this site is a labor of love, we are looking for awesome companies to sponsor our trip to Austin. In exchange we are willing to offer sponsored posts, hosted giveaways, and otherwise represent your company while at SXSW Interactive, one of the country’s largest tech conferences. This could mean hosting a meetup, giving away goodies at the conference, wearing t-shirts, etc. I love wearing logo t-shirts. Seriously, it’s a passion of mine. 

This might be a pipe dream but I’m here to tell you, I will represent the crap out of you. I will be your official ambassador all night long. And all day. You know, the entire duration of the conference. Email Laura TODAY!

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