Happy Veggie Kids: Leeluu!  »

This is Leeluu! Cute name, right? Cute kid too! From her mom: “Leeluu has been a vegan all of her almost 3 years on earth. She loves cookies and can growl like a monster. We live in Nova Scotia, Canada.” Everybody now, growl like a monster!

What is your favorite food?
Peanut butter sandwiches.

What is your favorite kind of birthday cake?
Pumpkin pie.

Why are you vegan?
Cause I am.

Do you like being vegan? Why?
Yes, cause the food is ummy.

Is it ever hard to be vegan?

What do your friends think about you being vegan?

What is your favorite animal? Why?
Duck, cause its really cute.

Do you like pink dinosaurs? Can you draw one for us? We would love it!
Yes, yes!

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