Try going out on Sunday, for once: Southern Ramen and Blues!  »

What are you doing on Sunday night, pals? We’ve got an idea: Southern Ramen and Blues, a “temporary food happening” (translation: “one-time-only dinner”) at Gravel and Gold in the Mission!

Don’t even pretend that menu doesn’t make you hungry. Potlikker, black-eyed peas (another legume superfriend!), greens, hotsauce, chowchow, and pickles? Come on! Plus the chef, Mark Andrew Gravel (of tonight’s “The Whole Bean” funtimes at Hayes Valley Farm!), says that while every “food happening” he puts on is vegetarian, only some are vegan, and hadn’t planned this one to be, he will set aside some of the potlikker to keep vegan! Isn’t that just the nicest thing?

You realize, vegan pals, this actually sort of obligates you to attend, now. What if there is vegan broth and no one to appreciate it? We will be shamed! So terribly shamed. So go on, buy your tickets now, they’re only $10 plus $1.24 handling. That is a good cheap dinner these days! Plus you get music, and camaraderie, and who knows what else, it will be great! We must remain hopeful in this time of unemployment and global warming (seriously, too hot for shirts at Vegansaurus sattelite office: Central Valley) and war and general misery. Go eat some new food and make a friend, or something.

Southern Ramen and Blues goes from 6 to 11 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 17 at Gravel and Gold, 3266 21st St. at Lexington Street. Buy tickets for $10 here.

[we found this linked in Flavorpill SF!]


Coming Thursday: A bean education at Hayes Valley Farm!  »

What do you know about the mighty bean? Besides that you love it soooo much and would probably die without it, my god the burritos how could you live without burritos—that’s a given. On Thursday, Hayes Valley Farm has an opportunity for you to learn all about this legume superfriend, and then eat it in a meal post-lecture! You guys, food lessons and dinner, it’s genius!

They’re calling this “The Whole Bean,” and they’ll have three lecturers to speak about “the implications of beans within the aesthetics of contemporary food systems”; the “historical cultivation and consumption” of beans; and the “biochemistry of beans,” both in the human body and in the soil. Your Vegansaurus, having once dragged friends to a lecture by the Six Glasses author because once of them once recommend that history of cod book, finds the second topic of particular interest, but of course we all have different interests! For example, you might have enjoyed the beany aesthetic in some of Andrew Mecier’s art currently on exhibit at Fabric8. Or you’re really into digestion/gardening.

Following the lecture, they’ll serve you a dinner of Midnight Black Beans from our Jordan’s favorite Rancho Gordo, rice, and Farm vegetables. All you have to do is buy a ticket, which you can do for $10 plus a $1.54 fee. The lecture is scheduled to begin on Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at Hayes Valley Farm, 450 Laguna St. at Fell Street, and end at 7:30. Contact Hayes Valley Farm for further information! Sorry for the short notice, but your Vegansaurus does have trouble keeping up on all the interesting things happening in the city.*

Go, vegans, go learn of the history and beauty of beans. And you know, if the food is particularly good, send us a photo, OK?

*We want to promote your vegan-friendly event! We want to let people know about your noble cause! So please, please, tell us about it!

[Photo credits: top: Dragon Tongue heirloom beans by Chiot’s Run on Flickr. bottom: Unshelled cranberry beans by QuintanaRoo on Flickr]

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