Guest post: Krispy Kreme ain’t Dun-Well! Vegan Doughnuts NYC: the launch party  »

I heard it said… “vegan royalty”! This is what two cute guys and hundreds of vegan doughnuts attract.

Last night was the tremendous Well-Dun Doughnuts launch in NYC, hosted by Moo Shoes. And dang! It was packed, but expectedly civil considering the beautiful and awesome veg-loving crowd. As a line snaked around the shop, I got an opportunity to quiz some of the early arrivers on their samplings. It seems the lemon poppy seed was a winner—I never got one—and the root beer was a crowd-pleaser. It was like a glorious beignet made of root beer and LOVE that exploded in your mouth! People were moved to tears, at least I hoped, over the chocolate-covered and peanut butter varieties. Meanwhile, smooth and superb cocktails from Bushwick’s vegan bar, Pine Box Rock Shop, helped calm the impatient. And Lula’s Sweet Apothecary supplied some ice cream to à la mode your do-nut.


Way to go Christopher and Dan:
Check out their site for locations.

Oh, and hell, for extra credit, a few more fantastic photos:
Vegansaurus fave
, Leanne Ma-ily Hilgart of Vaute Couture, looking ADORABLE. Give me [Laura] that sweater please please PLEASE!!

Sarah Gross of Rescue Chocolate [we love!] and NYC Vegetarian Food Festival!

This review and the photos herein were brought to us by the talented and terrific Jeff Nesmith, an Alabama native thriving in Brooklyn. Designer, draw-er, writer, magazine producer, vegan fry-cook/biscuit-baker, and by day, the editorial production director for Real Simple magazine. He describes his site,, as always a work in progress; we think it’s ridiculously awesome. Oh, also, you might remember him from when I awkwardly proposed that he adopt Vegansaurus? When stalkers and victims become friends: The Vegansaurus Story!


GOOD MORNING, WORLD! For breakfast, let’s all imagine we’re eating this Sundae from Lula’s Sweet Apothecary in NYC and curse our bowls of Wheatabix. Eating breakfast for breakfast is THE WORST!
[via yummyvegan]

GOOD MORNING, WORLD! For breakfast, let’s all imagine we’re eating this Sundae from Lula’s Sweet Apothecary in NYC and curse our bowls of Wheatabix. Eating breakfast for breakfast is THE WORST!

[via yummyvegan]


Vegansaurus NYC: Tiengarden!  »

Another day in New York, another vegan restaurant! I ventured out of Brooklyn to meet my pal Brittany in her neighborhood, the Lower East Side. OMG my big day in the city! We were searching for a place by her apartment and with the help of Happy Cow and SuperVegan, we decided on Tiengarden. It’s completely vegan and the internets are calling it Chinese food but I felt like it was kind of Thai (the lovely Brittany agrees), but maybe I’m a racist.

We shared spring rolls and they were adequate. I’m like a spring roll ninja (why’s it got to be a ninja Megan? Racist!) so you can’t just come at me with any old thing, but they were enjoyable. Brit (an omni) got the stir-fried noodles and she liked it, but says it was a little oily. But dude, she was totally into it. She was even talking about becoming a vegan but she didn’t really have any other reason besides liking the stir-fried noodles. I was like, homegirl, it takes commitment! It’s like on America’s Next Top Model, you can’t roll in on day one thinking you’re Tyra! You can’t even smile with your eyes!

Whaaaaaat was I talking about? Ah yes, nuggets! Well, I was about to. I had T11, the special nuggets with peanut curry sauce. Boy were those nuggets special! I think they were deep-fried chunks of tofu—I can get down with that. There were also zucchini, broccoli and other veggies along with some sort of brown rice. I’m a peanut sauce enthusiast and the more it tastes like peanut butter, the better. This sauce was excellent, very peanut-buttery (not thick like it, just the taste). If you like that spicy non-peanut-buttery peanut sauce, you are out of luck.

Other things to note: they have lots of desserts available but I didn’t try any because I had places to be (I’m a big-city girl now!) but they looked good. I’ll definitely have to try the carrot cake next time—cake is my favorite vegetable! Oh and they didn’t have regular soda but Brittany got this Chinese cola thing and now she’s all about it. It’s like, there goes Brittany with that Chinese cola! Sheesh, if I had a nickle…etc.

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