Berkeley! Do it up at tomorrow’s FREE ThanksLIVING event!  »

If you’re in Berkeley tomorrow, Tuesday Nov. 16 and wants some FREE VEGAN FOOD, look no further than Berkeley Organization for Animal Advocacy’s Thanksliving event! These kids have Got It Going On food-wise, with great companies like Gardein and Field Roast donating, so you know shiz is gonna be DELICIOUS.

The celebration takes place tomorrow at UC Berkeley’s Upper Sproul¬†from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m., but I bet to take full advantage of the free eats, you should probably get there on the earlier side? I know how people (read: me) get around free food, and the words “disgusting” and “insane” come to mind. Organizer Monica Chen says that it’s a particularly great event for omnis because they can try all sorts of amazing vegan options and see that a veg Thanksgiving isn’t just possible, it’s extra delicious! So, bring your grumpalump meat-mouth friends and family and show them the tasty-ass light!

[photo by Jared Zimmerman]

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