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It’s International Women’s Day! Huzzah! I’m a woman, she’s a woman, wouldn’t you like to be a woman too? You see pals, your friend Megan Rascal was born a feminist. From jumping off the couch in a cape declaring, “Woman Man!” to hanging out at my mom’s all-female socialist print shop, I was living in it from day one. That’s why I am very excited to celebrate International Women’s Day with you! Being a woman and a vegan rules. In lots of other movements, women get pushed to the side! But not in veganism! Basically, we run shit. So let’s talk about some great female vegans!Coretta Scott King: Vegan in the last 10 years of her life, Coretta Scott King carried on her husband’s message of tolerance. She spoke out for civil rights, whether it was against the apartheid or in favor of LGBT equality. Basically, she ruled.

Ellen Degeneres: Ellen is the new American Sweetheart. It’s impossible not to like her. And now that she’s vegan? Please. I’m in love. I remember when Ellen came out on her sitcom, everyone was like, “oh no! Her career is over!” Ha! All those people can suck it now because she’s the biggest thing since Oprah.

Ingrid Newkirk: Say what you will about Peta but it’s a force to be reckoned with. As founder and president, Newkirk is super-active in her organization and one of the most well-known animal activists in the country. Even if you oppose their methods, Peta is quite a success story. They are one of the most efficiently run nonprofits I’ve ever heard of (nonprofits are my people) and have more than 2 million members and supporters.

Carol J Adams: Author of Sexual Politics of Meat, Adams is the ultimate vegan feminist. Basically, Adams knows the Man is keeping us down, whether you are a woman or a chicken.

Breeze Harper: With her blog and book Sistah Vegan, up-and-comer Harper challenges race, feminist and food politics. Dang! That’s a lot of work! And she’s not slowing down—I love the cover of the not-yet-released Sistah Species.

Isa Chandra Moskowitz: Moskowitz is top of the pops when it comes to vegan cookbooks. From NYC punk to best-selling author, Moskowitz typifies the fun, food-enthusiast attitude of the young modern vegan. Plus, her book Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World really did take over the world!

So, who is on your female vegan list? Let’s celebrate some plant-loving women!

[Poster from my mom’s old print shop, Omega Press]

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