Lily the therapy puppy gets a prosthetic paw!  »

From our Laura at Jezebel comes this sweet story of little Lily the therapy puppy and her brand-new paw (maybe!):

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on!]

Per Laura:

She’s an adorable pup who’s missing a paw due to complications at birth. However, that doesn’t hold Lily back! She’s currently training to be a therapy dog to humans who use prosthetic limbs. To relate better to her friends, she’s being fitted for her own prosthetic paw. If she likes it, she’ll be an inspiration to people using prosthetics. If she doesn’t like it, she has an awesome new chew toy. Win/win.

Lily rules without her paw, and she’ll rule with it, should she choose to use a prosthetic. Either way, therapy dogs are the best and we love them, the humans they help, and the humans who put them together. Oh, how our hearts are warmed.

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